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Old Unix and Linux 02-28-2013
p.j.satyaveni p.j.satyaveni is offline
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Hi develope one shell in that i use sql query.
i want to display that query output in .xmlfile
after running the script output file is generated but it doesnt diplays data and throws an error.following is the output of the .xml file


if i use otherathan .xml file (like csv etc) i got the result, but for only .xml file i didnt got the data.
and the query inside script is

FROM xxhex_custom_objects;

this query is working fine but in shell script only it is not generated any output.
Please help me to solve this issue.

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Old Unix and Linux 02-28-2013
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So you output is OK when you are saving that to a csv or a text file? and it throws an error only when you attempt to save in xml file?

Why don't u try saving the output in a TEMP file and rename it to file.xml??
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Closed Linux or Unix Question

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