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Automating creation of directories

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Old Unix and Linux 02-10-2012
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Automating creation of directories

I have a top-level directory called work and I would like to create subdirectories work1 work2... under this directory. Also I would like to create subdirectory under work1 -- test, work2 -- test etc., Can I automate this using a command-line script?

|_work 1
|_work 2
|_work 3 

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Old Unix and Linux 02-10-2012
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Check the -p -switch of the mkdir -command. Instead of feeding a script in a while/read loop with a directory structure, you could just write the same with this command. Should be the same amount of typing. Is this homework?
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Old Unix and Linux 02-11-2012
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you can use shell braces to let shell to expand all the arguments. suppose you want to create w1/t1 w1/t2 w2/t1 w2/t2 w3/t1 w3/t3 directories

mkdir -p {w1,w2,w3}/{t1,t2}

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