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Replace unix 'new line' with windows 'new line'

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convert unix windows

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Old Unix and Linux 10-20-2010
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Replace unix 'new line' with windows 'new line'

I'm trying to write a script to convert a unix text file to windows/dos format. Essentially all I want to do is replace the Unix return with a windows one.

on the command line I can do this successfully by:

sed s/$/^M/ ~/unix.txt ~/dos.txt

when I put this line in my shell script it literally enters a ^M in the text file.
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Old Unix and Linux 10-20-2010
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Unfortunately you cannot do it that way.

From SED oneliners
# IN UNIX ENVIRONMENT: convert Unix newlines (LF) to DOS format.
sed "s/$/`echo -e \\\r`/" # command line under ksh
sed 's/$'"/`echo \\\r`/" # command line under bash
sed "s/$/`echo \\\r`/" # command line under zsh
sed 's/$/\r/' # gsed 3.02.80 or higher
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Old Unix and Linux 10-21-2010
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normally i use, dos2unix, unix2dos commands for those conversions.
Old Unix and Linux 10-21-2010
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Alternatively, you could use Perl -

perl -i.bak -pe 's/\n/\r\n/g' unix.txt

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Old Unix and Linux 10-21-2010
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sed s/$/^M/ ~/unix.txt ~/dos.txt
You can generate the carriage return character in Shell:

CR=`echo "\0015"`          # Carriage Return
sed -e "s/$/${CR}/g" ~unix.txt > ~dos.txt

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Old Unix and Linux 10-21-2010
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awk '{printf("%s\r\n",$0)}' unix_file > dosfile

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