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rsync error "file has vanished"


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Old 02-18-2011
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rsync error "file has vanished"


I am using rsync to synchronize some files from one server to other servers.
When i take a look at the output file that it produces i noticed that for some files returns the message

file has vanished: "<filename>"

what might be the cause of that? do i do something wrong or should i fix something on my script?

this is what i use:
first of all i run this script on AIX version 5.3.9 and rsync version 2.6.2.

this is what my script executes:

/usr/bin/rsync -rgoptvz -e ssh /<dir>/*  <remote_server>:/<dir>/

i did some search in the web but i the only thing i find about this problem is that rsync shows this problem if the filenames include "strange characters" for the system.
but clearly this is not the case in my problem because i have filenames like:

bkdbopi.sql ,

can someone help me about this?

thank you

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Use code tags, thanks. You got a PM with a guide.

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Old 02-21-2011
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Can you ensure, that there is no traffic on the files/directory that you want to be synced? It seemes when rsync builts it's file list (which you shoud see due the -v) and when it actually wants to transfer files, some other process or user might have removed that file from the place where it's been, like issued a rm or mv etc.
So trying to rsync a very busy directory might occure to this.
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