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Old 11-08-2002
Question Multi booting file systems

Hi all,
I'm trying to get Mandrake 9.0, XP & 2K happening on the same machine. I've been reading about osl 2000 (bootmanager) and it says I should convert my Windows (currently ntfs) to fat 32 "if possible". Why?

Also, when I connect the linux drive my machine boots straight to Mandrake - no windows options. Should I disconnect the windows drives, run lilo and then work with bootmanager? What is the correct sequence please?
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Old 11-09-2002
Also, when I connect the linux drive my machine boots straight to Mandrake - no windows options. Should I disconnect the windows drives, run lilo and then work with bootmanager? What is the correct sequence please?
This would be the easiest way of doing things. As you say, boot into linux, configure lilo to see all OS'es and then reboot.
BTW what sequence do you have your OS'es? Are they win2k, XP, Linux?
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Old 11-10-2002
If I remember correctly the reason they say to convert the ntfs to a fat32 is because Linux will pick up a fat32 filesystem. I'm pretty sure that's the reason there, I'd more or less put money on that to.

Secondly when you boot and it goes into Mandrake from there then you edit the lilo.conf file to put in Win2k and XP. Don't forget to run lilo before you reboot to make sure it has made the changes and they work.

That should the fix your problem.
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