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Old 10-28-2002
Also, the employees are all on the outside, with the exception of ONE employee, who is on the inside, and who knows less about hacking than your average brain-dead script kiddie.
Ok but who's to say he couldn't be paid off and showed what to do? Everyone has there price just a matter of how high it is.

Again, employees are not the risk here, as I am the only person with physical access to the switch, and the other person here is a brain-dead moron when it comes to anything other than how to scedule dates on their palm pilot, and to take telephone calls.
Once agin man, people can be paid off. Also people can act like they have no idea whats going on but you'd be suprised what people do notice, and how they catch on to thing.

Also I'm sensing some major type of head trip here. Everyone is a moron apart from you.

However, to humor you, if someone can get into the lightly secured office without my knowledge, and set up a hub in there also, what the hell is to stop them from just taking a gun and shooting the lock (or for the more dramatic, blowing a hole in the wall)?
Whats stopping a earthquake from happening thus rendering all you work gone? What stopping one of those MORONS that you work with acting to stupid but yet knowing 5 times that knowledge in computers that you have?

I may be paranoid, but to think that an employee who has U.S. government level security clearance would risk their job, their liberty,
No wonder most of the world worries about you yanks. You got the brain dead idiot how has a little bit of security and they think they are king sh*t with all the priblems in the world.

as they have no need for surfing the net and what-not
No need and what-not? Come off it man get off your high horse and come down to earth please.

Ok yes I know jack and sh*t about all this fancy security crap out these days. But hell I'm only starting to learn it all now. Also with security being an issue. Man ONLY would the YANKS have such a HIGH RISK NETWORK attached to the outside world. Yet I still find it hard to believe.
See I do work for a goverment from somewhere in this world and I to am also cleared. But there is a difference to where you work and where I work. See we don't allow the secure network to gain access to the out side world. Hell they are even in behind security doors and only can people with access get into these rooms (Like any normal security) also the general network for the place to which I work the standard desktop doesn't have access to anything apart from e-mail. Man internet PC is based on it's own running from a different line to the outside world and no way attached to the rest of the network.

I've also worked for a ISP (When I was starting off and working with Windows... aahh bad windows HELP!!!) Man I needed a security pass to get in. Yeah I had access to a heap more then the normal help desk person did and could do anything to someone's account but didn't. But that's not the fact there, see I was a Help desk person there and had same level of trainging as everyone else. BUT I took it into my own hands to look into and learn about a hacker when one was reported. I become friends with the security blokes and learnt a hell of alot there. They knew I was catching on a bit more each time. But I was still classed (as you would say) a simple mornon to the managers until oneday I showed the manager how to track down a hacker etc etc using THEIR own custom software.

I also like my cars. Much like computers car are the same. Lots of people think women know nothing about them. Well I know a good looking blonde (hell yeah she's nice) man she works with cars for a living rebuilding them. But when it comes to her car if her for any reason has to take it to someone else she'll play stupid as to get that little bit of extra sh*t done.

See so don't prech about security cause from what your telling me none of it sounds to be to a militry spec or goverment. Also don't call people morons they can just be playing that game to get what they want.
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Old 10-29-2002
Frankly, I wouldn't let a "moron" into my data center at all.

"Morons" are the kind of people who are still spreading the Sircam worm/virus...
Not all that harmless then, are they?
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Old 10-29-2002
Originally posted by LivinFree

"Morons" are the kind of people who are still spreading the Sircam worm/virus...
Not all that harmless then, are they?
Ya know, I haven't gotten a *SINGLE* Sircam message? Man, I feel out of touch. I knew I wasn't like all the other kids but geez. Smilie
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Old 10-31-2002
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Old 11-04-2002
cerberusofhate is now READ ONLY.

BANNED from posting for breaking numerous rules. -Neo

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