UNIX/Linux for Windows? and a few other questions...

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Question UNIX/Linux for Windows? and a few other questions...

1) I want UNIX but I don't want to partition my hard drive. I have heard of programs that allow you to start UNIX from Windows but I don't know which one is good. Something like WinLinux (not too sure???) Anyone know which programs I'm talking about?
2) Is Linux UNIX?
3) How do you pronounce Linux? Is it LIN - UX OR LI - NUX?

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The program that you ask for is similiar to cygwin or more accurately said as cygwin. Cygwin is a Win32 compatible that needs just install and run the application. You can check www.cygwin.com for more informations/downlaods.
Linux is prononunced as Linux " Lee+nux " Might be vary with the languages but no matter how you spell it, its doesnt have so many diffrences.
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Forgoted your second question.(2)
Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. The applications are mostly same in almost all other variants of Unix. For more information Visit this pages.

Hope that clear your doubts..
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Linus Torvalds pronounces it like killerserv says: lee-nucks.
The closest Americanized english is probably Lin-ucks, but I doubt very many people will care...
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Thanks for the quick replies. I took a look at CygWin...it looks good. Are there any other programs like that around? I'd like to compare some. I found ArmedLinux but it has terrible reviews so I won't download that.

About the pronunciation of Linux, I always say LIN-UX but my bro says LEE-NUX, anywho I see it doesn't matter. TOE-MAY-TOE / TOE-MAH-TOE, aye?
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I hope this forum doesnt apear to be a Alphabetical forum. Anyway the pronountuation is quite vary indiffrent ways. Depends how people calls it. And you are saying that the Cygwin looks good check their webpages for some utils and programs. Not sure any other porgrams such like that.
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i usually pronounce linux as LY-NUX, but my friend said that is actually pronounce as lee-nuxs..... but anyway, you guys may install RH linux 7.2 because it has better hardware support including USB2.0 support!
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