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Powershell for Sending Attachment and Multiple Recipent

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Powershell for Sending Attachment and Multiple Recipent

Hi there,

How could I invoke powershell to:
1. Send a file or an attachment
2. Send a content to multiple recipient
3. Be invoked by a batch file to execute the param clause

Help will be appreciate.

	[string]$highs, [string]$mediums, [string]$lows 

$EmailFrom = “”
$EmailTo = “”
$Subject = “New Scan is done!”
$Body = "High=$highs, Mediums=$mediums, Lows=$lows"
$SMTPServer = “”
$SMTPClient = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($SmtpServer, 587)
$SMTPClient.EnableSsl = $true
$SMTPClient.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential("Google-UserName", “Google-Password”);
$SMTPClient.Send($EmailFrom, $EmailTo, $Subject, $Body)

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