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The code that you posted above is not a shell script but a Batch File

You can search online for Batch file tutorials to learn more about it.
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FLPSED(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 FLPSED(1)

flpsed -- annotate PostScript and PDF files SYNOPSIS
flpsed [-bdh] [-t tag=value] [-z zoom] [infile] [outfile] DESCRIPTION
The flpsed utility allows to annotate Postscript files. PDF files can be imported using the pdftops and exported using the ps2pdf utility. If the document was saved in Postscript format, added text can be reedited later. flpsed is useful for filling in forms or adding short com- ments. Batch mode can be used to automate form filling. The options are as follows: -b Batch mode (no GUI). In batch mode flpsed reads from stdin, if no infile is specified. Batch mode is useful in combination with the file ... -t option. -d Dump tags and values from a document to stdout (implies -b ). -h Show short help text. -t tag=value Set text to value where tag is tag Multiple -t options are allowed. -z zoom Set initial zoom value in percent. -geometry WxH+X+Y Set initial geometry. -iconic Start iconified. -scheme string Use fltk scheme string Currently fltk supports "plastic" and "gtk+". EXIT STATUS
The flpsed utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. EXAMPLES
The command: flpsed file1 will start flpsed and load file1 for interactive editing. The command: flpsed -b -t foo=bar file1 file2 will set the text of all text fields in file1 carrying the tag "foo" to "bar" and write the resulting Postscript document to file2 SEE ALSO
pdftops(1), ps2pdf(1) AUTHOR
Johannes Hofmann <Johannes.Hofmann@gmx.de> BSD
July 18 2007 BSD

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