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Need help with automating a python script on a Windows server

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Special Forums Windows & DOS: Issues & Discussions Need help with automating a python script on a Windows server
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Need help with automating a python script on a Windows server

Experience level with scripting (1-10 scale): 1-2....still learning!!!

I've got a python script that calls on an API to gather information from a ticketing system. This script is used to track time worked on tickets. My boss is wanting that script to be run once a week. The script runs beautifully....but it's how it was set up that causes an issue with everything.

Right now we have to open a CMD window and type in:

python Insert JSON Web Token

This gives us all of the previous month. However, if we want a certain date range...we have to type in:

python Insert JSON Web Token 2017-07-01 2017-07-25

So, the higher ups are wanting that script to be run automatically, but I'm not sure how that's possible with dates always changing.

I was thinking of maybe using a batch file and then using Windows scheduler...but was hoping someone on here could help out with a better way.

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Originally Posted by tuscanitunr
I was thinking of maybe using a batch file and then using Windows scheduler...but was hoping someone on here could help out with a better way.
Sorry, but we are a UNIX-forum. You are simply asking the wrong audience. I transfer your thread to the DOS/Windows-part of this forum but don't be too surprised if you don't get an answer.

Btw.: we appreciate it if you could use CODE-tags while you are here.


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