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How to run UNIX alias from plink?

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plink, run unix alias

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Old Unix and Linux 03-14-2017   -   Original Discussion by Ivanhou8219
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How to run UNIX alias from plink?

I am new to unix and plink in general. I want to run plink.exe on windows to execute alias command on unix. Is it possible? I can run simple unix commands from plink for ex:

plink.exe -pw mypass myusername@hostip touch filename

It successfully creates the "filename" file on the hostip host.
But if I create an alias for it:

myusername>alias createfile='touch mm'

and I run from plink:

plink.exe -pw mypass myusername@hostip createfile

it returns: ksh: createfile: not found
I tried also:

plink.exe -pw mypass myusername@hostip -s createfile

result was: FATAL ERROR: Server refused to start a shell/command

So how can I run alias commands within plink?


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How to run UNIX alias from plink? Please use CODE tags as required by forum rules!

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Old Unix and Linux 03-14-2017   -   Original Discussion by Ivanhou8219
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An alias is usually created and persists only in an interactive session, so it is lost between sessions. If you dont wan't to define it manually every time you log in, put it into one of the login scripts (e.g. .profile) on the target host to use it as you post above.
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