Run Linux command from windows

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Run Linux command from windows

i downloaded nic demo application from
working fine ,but when i run batch script ,always display splash screen maybe 10 sec.
how can i remove splash screen when run batch script.?
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Can you post the script so we can see? That is, if it really is a human readable script.
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i have exe generated script,only one line:
c:\nic\batch>type RUN_prd_support_disk.cfg.cmd
@echo off
c:\nic\bin\send_remote_cmd.exe  C:\nic\conf\prd_support_disk.cfg

c:\nic\batch>type ..\conf\prd_support_disk.cfg,ssh,   22,support,IkffehjPP$,"echo  'df -k:';df -k;echo  'free -m:';fr
ee -m;echo  'mount | column -t:';mount | column -t;","C:\nic\log\prd_support_disk.log"

display splash when run send_remote_cmd.exe "upgrade pro to remove ",i need remove this splash,if possible.

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