Disable minecraft by disabling java

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Java Disable minecraft by disabling java

my kids are on minecraft constantly. I want to restrict its use but it seems impossible since it runs on java. Smilie

They are using Smilie windows 7 Smilie but I'm asking this question on here since Java is platform independent (er right?)Smilie Also this forum was very helpful with my AWK question a few years ago.Smilie

Anyway my thinking was I could use scheduler to disable Java at certain times to restrict their minecraft use. The problem is I dont know how I would go about automating disabling and re-enabling Java. would simply renaming some important files work? if so, which ones? or is it even possible?

many thanks in advance and fingers crossed!
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Hi, if you generally disable Java, everything else on the PC that uses it will get problems too. So maybe just check what link on the desktop starts Minecraft and add some character in there so it can't start and produces an error message.
Else I would have a look into Windows operating system features that might forbid to start exactly the command that is behind the link.

As scheduler you might have a look into "Win AT", the windows Scheduler. Maybe just copy a file here and there or renaming it would work too, to disable/enable it.
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Java kids too smart

hi thanks for reply but my kids will work that one out and workaround it. Id like to try disabling java by renaming an important file and making the changed file read only for non admin that way they kids cant change it back. There is of course the possibilty they will reintall java but cant without admin passwordSmilie
alternately is there a java file that, if changed to read only, will not allow java to run properly?

-there is prob nothing else on their pc they need to run java-
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There are parental controls built into Windows 8. I gave my son access to the laptop from 7 AM to 9 PM. He is in high school now, so he uses a laptop from his high school now. I'm not sure what Windows 7 has for parental controls. But you can just look for parental controls and see what it will let you lock down. I think locking the laptop when they should not be on it is easier. They will get a 10 minute notice when they get the the end of the time allowed, you can give them a time extension if you want. But you need to type in an admin password to do that.

By the way, make sure that your kids log in without admin privileges, otherwise they can do anything that they like.
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yes I realise there are parental controls built in to win 7 8 10. I already investigated this option. The problem is they are not designed to control programs such as minecraft which run on java

Aftermarket parental controls cannot even control minecraft.

Ive set my router to allow 1 hour internet access per day. I cant restric t the pc since they need it to do homework. I cant watch them since Im working.

I have asked Mojang via twitter but they also dont know/care so doing it myself is the last option. If/when I work it out I'm going to post the solution online to help other parents in the same basket as me.

Yes and obviously kids can read too, thus no kids admin accessSmilie will prevent them messing with a solutioin.
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I know Windows 7 has AppLocker but I don't think you can do this on time-of-day. Perhaps you'd need to schedule a task that imported a local security setting.
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