Disable minecraft by disabling java

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Gaming is quite addictive and I remember from growing up my parents wanting to restrict my computer use only made me more determined to play my favorite game when they were not looking.

My suggestion is maybe not one you're looking for but perhaps a better option, minecraft is obviously their current passion, try to get them actually interested in what actually goes in to minecraft and how a game is built, inspire them to see past the game and educate themselves on how to make something like that. Its a lot more productive use of time, learning design, maths, hardware, programming, etc.
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I did try to get them interested in learnin programming java so they can build mods, but they cant be bothered, thy just want to play. I#'m sure I would too if I was their age; it looks great fun. I really wouldn't mind if it wasn't affecting their schoolwork.

Surely someone on here must know how to banjax java by renaming a specific file or two? I think once I know which files to hit, I'll be able to figure the rest out.

Its crude but Im thinking of trying a batch file to rename all exe extensions in the java bin directories.

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This isn't really a Unix/Linux problem. You might be able to use Powershell to kill their minecraft game while it is running. So a simple solution would be to build a power shell sniper program that runs every minute and kills any Minecraft processes that are running. Then you schedule it to run every minute that they are not allowed to play the game.

This does not stop them from finding another distraction though. Ultimately you just need to check that their homework is done.
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