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Files to open at one stretch

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Old Unix and Linux 01-20-2016   -   Original Discussion by Maddy123
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Files to open at one stretch


There is a folder which has about 20 text files in it. As I want to view all files inside folder everyday which I feel is tedious for me to open file one by one.
Is there any way that all files can be opened at one stretch?

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Old Unix and Linux 01-21-2016   -   Original Discussion by Maddy123
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If there are twenty files in the directory you're sitting in and there are no other files sitting in that directory:

cat *

does exactly what you have requested and probably isn't even close to what you want.

If you would give us some details about where the directory containing these files is located relative to your current working directory (or by giving an absolute pathname to that directory), would tell us the names of the files you want to open (and the names of any other files that might be in that directory that you don't want to open), would tell us whether there are directories as well as text files in that directory, and would tell us what you want to do with these twenty files when you open them; you might get a much more useful suggestion.

And, as you have been told many times before, it always helps if you tell us what operating system and shell you're using. (This is crucial when you post a question to the Windows & DOS Issues and Discussions forum in the UNIX & Linux Forums.)
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