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NFS Share Time an Hour Ahead

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nsf, time

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Old Unix and Linux 04-03-2015   -   Original Discussion by Paul Standley
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NFS Share Time an Hour Ahead

Time on unix server shows 8:00a CST
Time on Windows 7 Box shows 8:00a CST

However when you access an NFS share the time stamp on the files show an hour ahead? Talking about a newly created file shows an hour ahead so at 8:00a the file will show a time stamp of 9:00a CST

the problem it causes, our server documents production runs, if a production run ends within the hour before midnight instead of posting to accounting that same day it will post to the following day since the accounting system picks up the file from the nfs share. Creates havoc for proper accounting

problem began with the change in daylight savings time... I still don't get it though with both the unix server and windows desktop displaying the same time
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Old Unix and Linux 04-04-2015   -   Original Discussion by Paul Standley
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The only thing that can do that? Environment variable settings. Specifically TZ.

For whatever reason the NFS process has (an example, I do not know for sure)
a TZ variable that ends in -500, a bogus time offset for CST. You can make time display almost anything you want (within 24 hours) by tinking with the TZ variable. At the exact same moment. See below.

POSIX Systems will respond correctly to three formats of the TZ variable, even patently ridiculous values: Have a read here and then work with that. BTW the filetimes themselves are not messed up - they are in epoch seconds, not a format like May 7 1999 3:00pm CST. The files are in no way "broken". It is completely caused by the C runtime library time routines getting a bad TZ value.

The GNU C Library: TZ Variable

Then play with the TZ variable's contents and then run date and you will see what I mean.

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