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Unable to create windows recovery disc

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Special Forums Windows & DOS: Issues & Discussions Unable to create windows recovery disc
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Unable to create windows recovery disc

Getting error while creating windows recovery disc
Please see attachment
Unable to create windows recovery disc-reparpng
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What is unclear about the error message? It means there is something wrong with the media you are using to create the repair disk.
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I tried with CD and DVD both. I entered brand new DVD OF SONY. For all, it showed error. (I didn't make a note wheter it showed same errors for all!).
Is there any issue with my CD/DVD drive because earlier I failed to burn my DVD even. I tried burning by many means like Windows burner software, Nero, ImgBurn, etc. I think I have posted a post regarding that issue of burning in this forum a few days back.

What do you think the problem may be!!!
Please suggest
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Is there any issue with my CD/DVD drive because earlier I failed to burn my DVD even.
HW failure?

Have you tried a simple file transfer to a CD?

Are there more levels to the drawer structure than the copying SW can cope with?
(Old nowadays I know but just a thought.)

Does a blank CD load and unload correctly?

Dirt on the _laser_?

Just a few pointers...
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If good disks are failing, and more than one piece of software is failing the same way, then I suspect you have a bad DVD burner.
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check for your DVD writer and DVD too

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