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Windows XP issue...

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Windows XP issue...


I have a desktop it's about seven to eight years old. It has Windows XP. When I open I.E or Firefox or Google Chrome, I get so many other popup.

I did install CClearner and spybot search & Destroy. But still I am getting lot of popup. crazy picture of girls comes on the screen.

Please help.
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One thing to try is creating a new account, and deleting the old one. Sometimes these things hide inside user files.
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If the new user account doesn't work, I think you have two options:

1) Uninstall and reinstall the browsers.
2) Reinstall the operating system.
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'autoruns' is a good util that can prevent some malware from loading on boot.
if its more serious, 'combofix' should fix it, but you'll need an expert for that.
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If you have another PC with both hardware and software which can create a bootable image on CD/USB_Stick I recommend that you run Microsoft Window Defender Offline from a bootable CD/USB_Stick:
What is Windows Defender Offline?
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install mbytes anti-malware and do the scans ... google mbam.exe downloads ... if still an issue -- reinstall the os so you have a clean device from the start ...
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I'm a big fan of MalWareBytes and Bit Defender but find these often don't detect AdWare. If I have a system with out of control pop-ups then my weapon of choice is SuperAntiSpyWare (Google that). They do a free version which will list all such "threats" and asks what you want to do with them. I normally let it nuke the lot (don't be surprised if it finds several hundred "threats").

Works just great!

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