Issue: Unzipping file containing files/folders with a similar name

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Issue: Unzipping file containing files/folders with a similar name


I have a zip file created on a Linxux server that I need to extract on a Windows machine...

The zip file containing folders with the same name but they each have a different case, one if camel case and the other is just capitalised. When I extract using 7zip, I get prompted if I want to replace the file even though the folders are not named the same (case difference). Does anyone how to resolve this?

For example:


I expect both files to be extracted but I am being prompted to replace the first!!! Is there a program I can install on Windows which will get me past this? SmilieSmilie
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If zip honors case, you should be able to extract only the second directory by specific path in a different head directory, then rename it to a new name in the right directory.
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Originally Posted by muay_tb
Is there a program I can install on Windows which will get me past this? SmilieSmilie
Windows file and folder names are case-insensitive.

There is no program to install to fix this fundamental operating system limitation.

You might be able to extract only one, or the other, as DGPickett suggests.
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Like they said you will have to extract one at a time to different locations.
  1. -Open the Zip file in Windows Explorer. Not in 7Zip
  2. -Right Click on the folder you want to copy
  3. -COPY
  4. -Go to location you want the folder Right Click PASTE
  5. -Do the same for the other folder, but paste it to a different directory.

If you want to have the folders in the same directory, you need to rename one of them.

(im surprised Windows reads that Zip file)
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