Getting Error when using Module Win32::IEAutomation;

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Getting Error when using Module Win32::IEAutomation;

Hi All, How are you Guys?
I am using the Code
use Win32::IEAutomation;
        # Creating new instance of Internet Explorer
        my $ie = Win32::IEAutomation->new( visible => 1, maximize => 1);
        # Site navigation

When I am executing this code I am getting an error
Could not start AutoItX3 Control through OLE.
Any Idea how to resolve it.

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Hi, Any idea..
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Hi.. I tried a lot. But got getting solution.. Any idea you can give. How it can be resolved
# 4

use strict;
use Win32::OLE;

my $ie = Win32::OLE->new( 'InternetExplorer.Application' ) 
        or die "error starting IE";
$ie->{visible} = 1;
$ie->navigate( '' );
if(!defined $ie->Document())
    print STDERR "Nope that failed as well");
    print "We have something back!\n";

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But by using Win32::OLE I cannot use the functionality of Win32::IEAutomation;
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