AutoSys Job not waiting for script to complete

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AutoSys Job not waiting for script to complete

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this issue...but here goes...

I am converting a set of windows jobs from Control-M to AutoSys r11.3. The same command line is being executed in both systems. The Control-M job runs to compltion in about 1.5 hours, waiting for the entire batch script to complete before an exit code is returned.

When the same command line is executed in AutoSys...the script is kicked off, but the AutoSys job completes in under 60 seconds. The customer verifies that the backup that was kicked off IS actually running, but for some reason...the AutoSys job is not 'waiting' for the completion like the Control-M job does.

I don't know if I have provided enough information, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

- Angela
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Is it on windows or linux/solaris machine?

For each run of autosys, you will be having a unique run id. Check with autosys team in your firm. Ask them to check the logs for that job. (at particular time)

Autosys job should wait for the script completion. ( wait for the exit code from the script )
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Check batch file, autorem, stdout & stderr

Hi Angela,

Please check the batch file whether it is sending "exit 0" immediately after submitting the backup command.

Check the autorem if it's left behind post completion of job.

Also check the stdout & stderr file for some more info.

If all the above points are in it's place and working fine then please modify the batch file by mentioning "exit 1" at the end which will restrict the autosys agent from deletion of autorem file, try to track the job unique id submitted from autorem and check it's event type and it submission and reversal.

Thanks & Regards,
Pradeep Agarwal
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