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Clock doesn't tick

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Old Unix and Linux 06-08-2012   -   Original Discussion by Corona688
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Replace the tiny battery (CMOS battery) for time and bios maintenance - not the big battery for the whole box. Save your BIOS config BEFORE you replace the battery.

I don't know squat about Sony, but this happens on other boxes when the little backup battery goes South. Example: you kept the notebook in the closet for a year, and decided to start using it again.

Tips for knowing when the CMOS battery is getting weak - by Iowaprodigal - Helium
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Old Unix and Linux 06-08-2012   -   Original Discussion by Corona688
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I've seen lots of computers reset their time and date when the battery dies, but simply stopping...? That's a new one on me. The article doesn't mention this either -- it says "consistently wrong", and this clock is anything but consistent.
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Old Unix and Linux 06-09-2012   -   Original Discussion by Corona688
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My money has to be on the BIOS battery. This runs the RTC when the machine isn't running and probably the voltage is too low to run the clock. Changing this battery has to be the first move.
Old Unix and Linux 06-09-2012   -   Original Discussion by Corona688
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Maybe related: Clock stops running while in hibernate or sleep mode.
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