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Old 09-29-2004
Burning ISO of Solaris 9


This is my first time setting up a Unix system, and I'm very excited to do so, but I'm run into some problems from the get go!

I downloaded Solaris 9 (I specifically need this version of Unix, as I'm gunning for a better position in my company), and got a bz2 compressed image. I intend to put this on either an old Win 98SE with 48MB of RAM, or if that's too slow than an XP box with 256MB.

I found a Win utility to decompress the BZIP file, and now have an ISO.

What now? I've tried burning it as a boot disk using Nero, but while the laptop does boot to it, I have no reaction.

Can anyone give me any advise how I can boot to this, and load the O/S?


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Old 09-29-2004
In Nero you're going to want to select the "Burn CD Image" option (or words to that effect). Then you will get a dialog box asking you where the image is. I think you have to pull down the "filetype" menu and choose *.iso. Once you do that, it should burn. You can test the success of your burn by trying it in any system that can boot a CD.
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Old 09-29-2004
Been Done, However

I went through burning a boot disk in Nero 6, and pointed it to the local ISO file, but to no avail.

The system boots to that CD, but with no reaction. No, display, no nothing.

Could it be that the ISO is corrupted? I used the x86 platform version, and Power Archiver to decompress the file.

Anything else you could suggest?

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Old 09-29-2004
Maybe it is an issue with unsupported hardware?

I burnt and testing a couple recovery Live-CD's. I recorded several last night. Most are just for testing and to give these Live-CD's a trial. They are all FreeBSD recovery based CD's.
From: Snarl, FreeBSDIE, RIP-FBSD, FreeBSD-3.0.iso.bin, Frenzy.

Some of them did not boot, some did boot but the screen was just blank. Possibly due to unsupported hardware configurations.

I have not had any problems booting Solaris8 or 9 on this machine, but I've had OpenBSD boot-disks not even boot on the same machine.

I've also had issues when using the Retail CD from FreeBSD on the same machine with issues booting.

Alot of the times I have had to swap out the CD drive with another.

When you created the CD, did you use DAO (Disk-at-Once) mode?
This would close the session and finalize the CD.
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