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Sound Effects Dolby,SRS in Linux

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Sound Effects Dolby,SRS in Linux

Hello all.

Can anyone tell me if there is any alternative to Window$ Media Player for LINUX(Linux Mint).
What am searching for is a player with sound processing capabilities.(Bass,Equaliser,SRS,Dolby,etc..)

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Of course there's alternatives to Media Player. I'm sure you've seen lots of Linux media players already. Is there one with all the precise same features? Probably not. Is there one with plugins available to do what you want? That's more likely.

You say Dolby so I'm assuming you mean a 3 or 5 speaker setup? I haven't ever used one of those systems so I'm not one to talk, but there's a few things to consider:

1) If you've never managed to make some of your speakers do anything, your ALSA settings may need tweaking. Google alsa, your exact soundcard or chipset, dolby, surround, etc.

2) Looking for one giant media player with every possible feature built in, in Linux, is barking up the wrong tree. The usual modus operandi is to build simple software that can be extended. So, look for plugins that let a popular Linux player do what you want.

3) Dolby's a registered trademark, so nobody's going to call their dolby plugin Dolby. It might be called surround sound or 3-channel something else.

Hope this helps.

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