dos/intel unix command equivalent

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dos/intel unix command equivalent

In Unix I can use command line to do a find for files older than so many days and remove them. I can also capture the date to see if its a saturday and do something different. Are there any dos/intel command line equivalent commands to do this on a windows 2003 server? This is from an application admin perspective, I do not have admin rights on the server.
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in Powershell - supported by Windows 2003 server you can try things like this:
get-childitem –recurse | where-object {$_.lastwritetime -gt “8/13/2009”}

To find our all the files in the target directory modified in the last 30 days:

$DtToCompare = (Get-date).AddDays(-30)

Get-Childitem –recurse | where-object {$_.lastwritetime –gt $DtToCompare}

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Thanks! I will also go find more information on powershell.
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You could also try Microsoft SFU (services for unix) which is the C-Shell and Korn Shell, and most of the basic unix utilities.
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Just a FYI, I read that power shell is now standard install on all Win 7 versions. I guess MS is going to make this part of the OS so it may be a good idea to learn it.
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I installed cygwin so that I have the find command on my servers and my (shame) Windows desktop. Hey, they tell me at work I have to use Windows but I can make it as much like Unix as I can. I've always used WinVi as my editor of choice too. Smilie

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I apologize. I took the time to look and I actually am using WinVi and the UnixUtils from SourceForge and NOT Cygwin. Just wanted to clear that up lest I confuse anyone.
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Before giving in and installing Cygwin (for the third time in as many years, it seems), I had the GnuWin32 (is that MinGW? Not sure.) tools, along with someone's Win32 build of the bash shell that seemed ok. cp and mv and the like were argumentative most of the time -- i.e.: they didn't move files between folders whether shared, unshared, read-only or read-write, but copying inside your current working directory was fine.

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