If possible, would you consider buying OS X for a non Mac computer?

View Poll Results: If possible, would you buys OS X for your PC?
Perhaps - Depends on how it is implemented... 15 48.39%
Yes - I would definitely want to buy it for my PC! 10 32.26%
No - No way man, not for me. 6 19.35%
Voters: 31. This poll is closed

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? If possible, would you consider buying OS X for a non Mac computer?
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Here is a bit of follow-up:

Let's take MAMP for example. Here is a quote directly from the MAMP users guide:
1.1.2**Installation process

Download the MAMP PRO disc image from MAMP: Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Open the image and drag MAMP PRO into your Applications folder.
Note:**You need administrator permissions to install MAMP PRO!
If MAMP has not been installed yet, please download and install it. The MAMP, too, has to be installed in your Applications folder!
As you can see, there is no direction for installing via the command line. The installation is a GUI drag-and-drop.

Please correct me if I am am wrong. Why does the MAMP install guides only discuss a GUI drag-and-drop installation?
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I guess because it is all self contained and does not need access to /Library for some reason.

If you wanted to install it from the command line you would have to download the binary and compile it yourself, or use the mount and cp or mv commands to move it form the disk image to the /Applications folder.

If it was self contained though you can run it from anywhere, not just the /Applications folder.

If I recall, by default OS X 10.5 has PHP 5, MySQL and Apache installed by default. The only one I am iffy on is MySQL, not sure if it is installed by default.

So really you just need to edit your Apache config file to turn it on and point it to your web root folder which should be ~/sites or something like that (memory is drawing a blank atm and my macbook is in my laptop bag and I am being lazy....sorry)
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No doubt I'd want it, having had Macs so long, but...

...I voted perhaps. It's all in how they deliver it to the PC world. I have to agree with some of the points made by the other members. As someone who has owned and used two OS X Macs and three versions of that OS (10.1, 10.2 and 10.3) between them, I agree that quite a bit of what Apple "sidles off" to Developer Tools installs or their X11 implementation (granted, less and less as time goes on) would make the standard-install OS a lot more useful in the Linux/Unix world.

I do recall rumors, reliable rumors, and the distillations of pundits with broader views than myself over the decades that would lead me to believe this is Apple's habitual mode d'emploi. Take for instance the several times during the 25+ years Motorola was building their hardware; Moto would suggest adding a feature or capability to a model or model line, and Apple's brass, many of whom were groomed in the classic Jean-Louis Gassee fashion by Steve Jobs himself before his foray "into the wilderness," would demur and tell Moto, in effect: "Wait till we roll-out our next OS version."

(For those who aren't familiar with the name or story, Jean-Louis Gassee was a onetime president of Apple France. Jobs brought him to sunny Cali and made him a VP. He canceled a scheme to put the Mac OS on another company's hardware in the 11th hour. When he left to start Be, Inc, he "got his' when he wouldn't pay the package fee Apple insisted on to outsource his BeBox hardware to his old employers. The BeBox, as you may recall, disappeared from the market.)

But back to the subject of the thread/poll.

It's a maybe with me -- I'd like to see ahead of time that they intend to give the rest of us something as good -- or maybe better in ways that count -- than what Mac hardware owners have and use.


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Originally Posted by SilversleevesX
...I voted perhaps. It's all in how they deliver it to the PC world.
They already run on PC's. Just Apple-branded PC's with slightly odd firmware and an enormous markup.
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