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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Cool new logo
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Cool new logo

I saw this on another board, and burst out laughing.

Apparently it's a new logo (may even be a new name) for a clothing line.

Check them out:
# 2  
funny??? can you explain why?

# 3  
Originally Posted by DukeNuke2
funny??? can you explain why? Smilie
Me too Smilie the humor escapes me Dave Miller Smiliewhat is so funny?Smilie
# 4  
Rotate the image 90 clockwise and think of it as two people rather than a letter and some dots. Smilie
# 5  
Originally Posted by Perderabo
Rotate the image 90 clockwise and think of it as two people rather than a letter and some dots. Smilie
Smilie Obviously, I've been hacking the forums too long today Smilie
# 6  

Maybe it's an American thing.

On the other board, the first thing I posted was "A Style? Looks like D Style to me."

Everyone there got it.
# 7  
Truth be told, I did not see it at first and there is no chance that I would have detected the dual meaning on my own. But I knew there had to be some reason why you posted it so I studied it intensely until I found it. It only took maybe 45 seconds or so, but I don't do that to every logo I see.

And I don't see "D-style" even now. I see, well, the "legs-on-the-shoulders" style. But the hallmark of great art is that each person is free to interpret the artistic message differently. So if you see "D-style", I respect your intrepretation, as, I am sure, so would the artist.
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