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Old 12-23-2007
Obviously I don't enjoy travelling.

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Old 01-02-2008

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Old 01-02-2008

I used to travel a lot, up to nine months of each year, but not so much anymore. Quite a few of the places on this map I have been in only a day or two.
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Old 01-03-2008
Originally Posted by Perderabo
I have never been outside the US. I have never even owned a passport. When I was in San Diego, I thought about stepping across the border into Mexico
Sounds the same as me. I've been to almost every state but never out of the country. Like you, I was in San Diego but I did take one step across the border just so I could say I was in there. Smilie I owned a passport at the time because co-workers said it would be good to own one in the off-chance I would get sent overseas for work. Never did though.
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Old 01-03-2008
This is for Perderabo and the good doctor(s!).
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Old 01-10-2008
For me:


I love travelling especially around Spain ,Ireland and USA so ...many beautiful places to see .

In the states:


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Old 03-13-2008
Only took about 10 minutes to figure out how to get the picture.


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