How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?

View Poll Results: How Many Computers Do You Use At Home?
5 or more. 74 27.31%
3 64 23.62%
2 51 18.82%
4 40 14.76%
1 37 13.65%
Zero 5 1.85%
Voters: 271. This poll is closed

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?
# 1  
Old 08-17-2007
How Many Computers Do You Have At Home?

Here is an easy one.

Count the number of desktops and servers you have running at home, including your home office if you have one.

Don't count those that are in storage or you rarely use, count the ones that are powered on most, if not all, of the day (and night).
# 2  
Old 08-17-2007
Would laptops count ?
# 3  
Old 08-17-2007
Bug Should have said 2

I should have said '2' - me and my system. Smilie. Then thought it would skew the poll!!
# 4  
Old 08-17-2007
Its ==> 1 ( not including the laptop )

this poll is really becoming interesting Smilie
Neo is constantly coming with cool polls. Cheers to Neo.

I have got a good one, let me post it once this poll settles down Smilie
# 5  
Old 08-17-2007
Laptops count, of course.
# 6  
Old 08-17-2007
Two - Desktop and Laptop. I rarely use the Desktop, but my wife uses it all the time. The desktop is Windows 2000 and the laptop is Windows XP.
# 7  
Old 08-17-2007
a sunfire 280r server, a linux server, my wokstation, a laptop and a tablett pc...
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