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Old 03-25-2020
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News::Scan::Article(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  News::Scan::Article(3pm)

News::Scan::Article - collect information about news articles SYNOPSIS
use News::Scan::Article; my $art = News::Scan::Article->new( ARG, [ OPTIONS, ] SCAN ); DESCRIPTION
This module provides a derived class of "Mail::Internet" whose objects are suitable for digesting Usenet news articles. CONSTRUCTOR
new ( ARG, [ OPTIONS, ] SCAN-OBJ ) The "ARG" and "OPTIONS" parameters are identical to those required by "Mail::Internet", except "ARG" is required. See Mail::Internet. The "SCAN" parameter should be a "News::Scan" object. See News::Scan. If the article falls into the period of interest for "SCAN", the object is returned, else "undef". METHODS
group ( [ SCAN-OBJ ] ) Sets or returns an object's group depending on whether "SCAN-OBJ" is present. author Returns the article's author represented as a "Mail::Address" object. message_id Returns the article's Message-ID. subject Returns the article's subject. newsgroups Returns the list of newsgroups this article was posted to. size Returns the size of this article in bytes. header_size Returns the size of this article's header in bytes. header_lines Returns the number of lines consumed in this article by headers. body_size Returns the size of this article's body in bytes. body_lines Returns the number of lines consumed in this article by the body. orig_size Returns the size of this article's original content in bytes. See "QuoteRE" in News::Scan. orig_lines Returns the number of lines consumed in this article by original content. Keep in mind that original content is a subset of the body. sig_size Returns the size of this article'ss signature in bytes. sig_lines Returns the number of lines consumed in this article by the signature. SEE ALSO
News::Scan, Mail::Internet, Mail::Address AUTHOR
Greg Bacon <gbacon@cs.uah.edu> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 1997 Greg Bacon. All Rights Reserved. This library is free software. You may distribute and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.10.1 2000-08-09 News::Scan::Article(3pm)

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