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Old 03-25-2020
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maptool(1)							   USER COMMANDS							maptool(1)

maptool - parse osm textfile and convert to Navit binfile format SYNOPSIS
For OSM XML data: bzcat planet.osm.bz2 | maptool mymap.bin [-h] [-2] [-5 <file>] [-6] [-a <level>] [-c] -[-d <connect string] [-e <phase>] [-i <file>] [-k] [-M] [-N] [-o] [-r <file>] [-s <phase>] [-S <size>] [-w] [-W] [-U] [-z <level>] For OSM Protobuf/PBF data: maptool --pro- tobuf -i planet.osm.pbf planet.bin [-h] [-2] [-5 <file>] [-6] [-a <level>] [-c] [-e <phase>] [-i <file>] [-k] [-M] [-N] [-o] [-P] [-r <file>] [-s <phase>] [-S <size>] [-w] [-W] [-U] [-z <level>] DESCRIPTION
maptool parses osm textfile and converts it to Navit binfile format OPTIONS
-h (--help) display a short help message -2 (--dowai2poi) convert ways and polygons to POIs when applicable -4 (--md5) set file where to write md5 sum -6 (--64bit) set zip 64 bit compression -a (--attr-debug-level) <level> control which data is included in the debug attribute -c (--dump-coordinates) dump coordinates after phase 1 -d (--db) <connect string> get osm data out of a postgresql database with osm simple scheme and given connect string -e (--end) <phase> end at specified phase -i (--input-file) <file> specify the input file name (OSM), overrules default stdin -k (--keep-tmpfiles) do not delete tmp files after processing. useful to reuse them -N (--nodes-only) process only nodes -o (--coverage) converts every street to street_converage, resulting in a big fat black line. You can overlay this map with another vector map or image map, and every street you will still see is missing in the -o map -P (--protobuf) input file is protobuf -r (--rule-file) <file> read mapping rules from specified file -s (--start) <phase> start at specified phase -S (--slice-size) <phrase> defines the amount of memory to use, in bytes. Default is 1GB -w (--dedupe-ways) ensure no duplicate ways or nodes. useful when using several input files -W (--ways-only) process only ways -U (--unknown-country) add objects with unknown country to index -z (--compression-level) <level> set the compression level BUGS
Should you find one, please report it : http://trac.navit-project.org AUTHOR
The navit Team - http://www.navit-project.org SEE ALSO
navit(1) $Revision$ $Date$ maptool(1)

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