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Under Consideration: Migrate the Forums to Discourse

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Under Consideration: Migrate the Forums to Discourse
# 43  
Old 03-11-2020
It's very slow...

root@localhost-app:/var/www/discourse# rake posts:rebake
Rebaking post markdown for 'default'
     6967 / 1059651 (  0.7%)

No one can speed this up..... I have tried on two servers... including a 16 core 64GB linux server.

It is slow because the app is in Docker... and even though Docker is a lightweight VM... it is SLOW IN THE VM.... lightweight or not.

# 44  
Old 03-11-2020
root@localhost-app:/var/www/discourse# rake posts:rebake
Rebaking post markdown for 'default'
    20721 / 1059651 (  2.0%)

15 minutes passed... maybe 13000 or so done...

1059651 / 14000 = 76 15 minute periods..... = 20 hours.... ?? Ughhh.

Yeah Docker Apps !!! LOL
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# 45  
Old 03-11-2020
Discourse has the slowest back-end of any software I have ever used:

Rebaking post markdown for 'default'
   153000 / 1059651 ( 14.4%)
   242682 / 1059651 ( 22.9%)
   263850 / 1059651 ( 24.9%)

Now I know why it is so nice in "run time" mode, LOL. It's the slowest backend I have ever worked with in over 40 years in this space.

Of course, all this might be related to the fact that I have to keep redoing the migration because their vbulletin.rb script works poorly on our big vB3 forum, LOL.

This migration is putting me in a foul mood for the first time in years because (1) the migration script is truly buggy, (2) very slow and (3) not supported because it is vB3.

This is not turning out to be a fun experience, at all..... mainly because it is so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

The UI and forum seem nice for sure. But check out the attitude over there when you report a bug in a script:

vBulletin import_script bug in importing children categories - support - Discourse Meta

I received zero help "useful to our web site" and left with only a headache..... LOL

Now, my motivation of Discourse has gone from 100% "WOW" to 10%... hmmmm.
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# 46  
Old 03-11-2020
Rebaking post markdown for 'default'
   153000 / 1059651 ( 14.4%)

   242682 / 1059651 ( 22.9%)
   290000 / 1059651 ( 27.4%)

The raking process has not moved in 10 minutes...... Worse than stuck.. It's dead... LOL
# 47  
Old 03-11-2020
Raking process has totally crashed....

Boy, this is really fun.... LOL

Pups::ExecError: su postgres -c 'psql discourse -c "alter schema public owner to discourse;"' failed with return #<Process::Status: pid 80 exit 2>
Location of failure: /pups/lib/pups/exec_command.rb:112:in `spawn'
exec failed with the params "su postgres -c 'psql $db_name -c \"alter schema public owner to $db_user;\"'"
** FAILED TO BOOTSTRAP ** please scroll up and look for earlier error messages, there may be more than one.
./discourse-doctor may help diagnose the problem.

What a bad day, all around, related to this test migration today!
# 48  
Old 03-11-2020
Never play on a patch day.
Issue is, when you're the one doing the patch.. Smilie
# 49  
Old 03-11-2020
Originally Posted by sea
Never play on a patch day.
Issue is, when you're the one doing the patch.. Smilie

Yesterday was a migration test disaster.

First of all, the Discourse team seems to attempt to bully me to do an impossible upgrade from vB3 to vB4, an upgrade which does not exist and is not available. LOL.

Then, when I explained that to them, they shut me down, shut down a bug report, and decided to ignore us completely.

It was a very strange day, for sure.

Then, working on trying to fine tune the migration by making manual search and replace changes to the test migration postgres database, raking the db (which means basically cooking a million plus posts from raw format to final format) the postgres db crashed.

The worse part was each search and replace in a docker discourse app took 30 minutes to an hour, and I had to do at around 10 of these search and replace db operations, so that took the whole and and then, afterward, to have the entire discourse rake process crash, well..... it was a very bad day all around.

However, I think I will start from scratch, ground zero today, with test migration 2.

However, this time I will do more intensive modifications to the vbulletin.rb migration script (my original plan) versus manually doing search and replaces in the discourse database (suggested by someone, so I thought I would try it), and start from scratch.

In addition, I will not post any bug reports on the meta discourse site or interact with any "migration experts", as that has not worked out either (trying to be sociable and "collaborative" has not yielded any fruit at all) and just leads to unnecessary social conflicts with "discourse experts", which are totally distracting from the task and have been, at best, unproductive.

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