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Milestone: Users Answer Over 100,000 Computer Trivia Questions

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Milestone: Users Answer Over 100,000 Computer Trivia Questions
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Old 02-19-2020
Milestone: Users Answer Over 100,000 Computer Trivia Questions

Today marks another milestone in the computer trivia app:

100,000 Computer Trivia Questions Answered by Users

Some notes to mention at this milestone:
  • vbe leads the "best score" category with 320 questions answered for an overall score of 91.2%.
  • rdrtx leads "most questions answered" category with 3,666 questions answered as of today !!
  • Switzerland "leads with world" with over 1,300 questions answered and an overall country score of 71.7%.
  • Users from the United States have answered 27,584 questions, the largest number of any single country.

Here are some other stats of interest:
  • The overall average score of all guests is 63.9%, answering 92,669 total questions.
  • The overall average score of all users is 64.6%.
  • The overall average score of all members is 75.9%.
  • balajesuri's overall score is 84%, not far behind vbe's impressive 91.2% score.


A Few Comments Received:
  • Member: "This is really fun! I love to play this when I have nothing to do!"
  • Member: "Neo, this is the best app / feature you have created so far! I love this trivia and keep learning so much when I play!".

Thanks for the kind words and glad many people are enjoying this feature. 100K questions answered so far. Not bad! Smilie

I think later this year I will assign one or two of our "yet to be used" (reserved) badges to the trivial app for member awards.
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