A nice YT video on A.I

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? A nice YT video on A.I
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A nice YT video on A.I

Hello All,

Just went through a nice YT video of A.I

Age of A.I YT video

See who is the host of this video Smilie if you are a Hollywood fan(a bit spoiler)
I hope to learn something of it someday, technology is really growing day by day, cheers.

R. Singh
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Hi Ravinder,

What did you find 'nice' about this video?

Please give us some details of your thoughts and some analysis plus your conclusions, if any.

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Originally Posted by Neo
Hi Ravinder,
What did you find 'nice' about this video?
Please give us some details of your thoughts and some analysis plus your conclusions, if any.
Hello Neo,

Sorry for not mentioning details in post.

What personally I like is the way A.I progressing in video they shown how they are making a baby(virtual one) learn by feeding data to it(I believe how feeding data works for a normal chatbot samething they using here). They are also applying A.I in music, where they feed different percentage data(music) one to program(robot) and then many new combinations of music comes. These are the things which I like so thought to share it in here.

Thoughts on this: I believe may be in future we could use A.I (robots) on securing our borders and we could also use it in medical Fields, though I am not sure how much they are using it as of now.

R. Singh

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I see....

In my view, this is the "problem" ....

Commercial organizations continue to show things about A.I. applications which make consumers "happy" and "feel good", like the examples you show. This creates tremendous and constant marketing hype about A.I.

However, what they do not show you is the horrible things that A.I. is actually doing and all the unintended consequences.

For example, all the recent rise in global instability, because of the exponential rise of disinformation, which in turn leads to the rise of hate crimes and political and social instability, is caused by A.I.-based targeting algorithms which enable the weaponization of information in society.

Were these facts discussed by cool movies stars in the video?

I don't think so.

The reason for this is that big tech companies are promoting A.I. because A.I. has one main purpose for them, to increase their profits.

For example, traditional print and broadcast news uses human editors to determine what to print or broadcast. This employee many people.

However, Facebook, Google and all the other gigantic tech companies do not want to hire the army of people it would take to correctly filter content on their social media platforms. Why? That would lead to a huge decease in their profits. That is why they are spending so much money on A.I.

  • First, they want to fine tune targeting algorithms, which in turn means advertisers will pay more to advertise. This same technology is weaponized to spread disinformation and facilitates information warfare.
  • Second, they want to insure they do not have to use humans to read, edit and manage content on their social networks, because if they used people for this, they would be much less rich

So, if readers think "A.I. is so cool and wonderful" and anyone is "star struck" with the hype around A.I., they I suggest they look at what A.I. is actually doing to harm society, how A.I. is being users to maximize corporate profits and minimize human editors and content managers, and how A.I. is used to target people and organizations and spread disinformation, while at the same time increasing the profits of the same companies.

This is why big tech must make these "look how cool A.I." is videos. They must show people A.I. being used to help identify earthquakes, feed babies, identify forest fires, etc. so everyone (society) will support A.I. development. However, at the same time, the same technology is used to do great harm to human society, as a whole.

This is a fact.

Think about it.
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Also, Ravinder.... think about this another way.

In the movies, you see the Evil Death Star coming from The Empire to destroy all freedom loving people in the Galaxy.

What the movies do not talk about is "Who Built the Death Star" and all the technology behind the "Evil Empire".

Well.... I will tell you.

Well, educated people in the Empire were recruited when they graduated from the best universities in the Empire and paid huge sums of money to develop the various technologies the Empire needs to build Death Rays, and Death Stars.

Do the great sci-fi movies go into this part of the story?

No, they do not. They only show us the Death Star and all the Evil Technology, but they do not show us the generations of well-intended university graduates who were so happy to get a top paying job with Empire companies.

This is because humans need to make a living to support their families and they want top paying jobs when they graduate (just like everyone here, right?).

Just like the Empire pays top dollar to college graduates to build all the things the Empire needs in Star Wars to control the Galaxy, so does big tech companies on Earth, need to recruit the smartest from universities and pay them top dollar to work on all their targeting algorithms, filtering algorithms and A.I. applications in general.

Even the best intended engineers and scientists are seduced by "The Dark Side", which in real life, as in the Star Wars space opera, is motived by greed, influence, power and domination (getting and staying on top).

Think about it.

Now, I'm not saying that big tech on Earth is the "Evil Empire"; but what I am saying is that all this great technology is built by someone, both on Earth or within the Empire. Most of the university graduates in the Empire were not evil, terrible people who wanted to squash the rebellion and dominate the Galaxy; they just wanted higher paying jobs and to take care of their family, just like the engineers and scientists here on Earth.

What is the difference?

How different is reality on Earth and science fiction?

Do you really think "A.I' is so great for human society in spite of all the negative impact on society (weaponized information, information warfare, disinformation, information targeting, non-human content editors who do not go a very good job compared to humans {but who are cheaper than humans and put humans out of work}, etc.) and all the unintended consequences yet to be seen?
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Hello Neo,

Thank you Neo for detailed explanation in here. I totally agree with you on the facts which you mentioned. Actually I was looking brighter side of it(being a positive person Smilie ). But you are right if something is having more disadvantages than advantages then it's of no use.

I also agree with you on big techs approach towards A.I I recently heard in news Indian Govt. is going to pass a special law for Facebook and Google which I believe few of the countries already passed for not sharing information with other companies or countries I believe etc (though I need to go into deep to confirm this), so yes people should use techs in welfare of human life but guess what that's not actually happening. Thanks again for your views always LOVE your expert view, your honest thoughts on techs, cheers.

R. Singh

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Originally Posted by RavinderSingh13

I totally agree with you on the facts which you mentioned. Actually I was looking brighter side of it(being a positive person Smilie ). .....
Now, you have identified the core reason why people must "fall for the illusion" of the benefits of these kinds of technologies versus beware of them.

Society, as a whole, penalizes us when we speak "truth to power" and are perceived as "negative".

We must be "positive" to get those high paying jobs, to "fit in", to work for the top big tech companies and we must become "evangelists" for the disruptive tech they are pushing.

It takes a tremendous amount of human strength, courage, ethics and moral courage to speak truth to power. It is generally dangerous to do so, and it does not result in the highest paying jobs or the biggest house in Silicon Valley.

To be human, everyone has a choice. They can maintain their moral compass and not be seduced by wealth, power, influence, etc. (this is called "The Dark Side" in the Star Wars space opera).

Or they can be a part of the humble resistance, like The Resistance in Star Wars, Neo and his buddies in the Matrix, or the Freeman in Dune.

No one becomes the richest tech giants, multi-billionaires without being seduced by The Dark Side.

No one becomes the richest tech giants working on the side of The Resistance.

Truth is actually stranger and more interesting than fiction, as the saying goes.

As a personal side note:

I could have been much richer and much more influential than I am today, if did not become a part of The Resistance, over 15 years ago, speaking "truth to power". However and personally, I have become "wealthy enough" without being seduced by wealth, fame and power and have never compromised my ethics and moral compass for wealth, position or fame.

This is a choice I made years ago. I do not like "The Dark Side"... and never will.

But, that's just me.... Smilie

Everyone makes their own choice.
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