The square root code I coded on this site...

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Old 11-07-2019
The square root code I coded on this site...

Hi all, (mainly Neo)...

I keep noticing that the SQRT code I wrote recently for a POSIX shell keeps appearing, (the green colour sticks out like a sore thumb).
So I decided to take a look on Google.

Guess what?
UNIX.COM comes first in Google's listing just from two words, see image...

The square root code I coded on this site...-google_listingpng
These 4 Users Gave Thanks to wisecracker For This Post:
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Old 11-07-2019
Hey Wise One!

Thanks for the update.

Thank is very cool you are doing some search engine analysis as well.

Much appreciated!!!

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Old 11-08-2019
Well the square root thread showed up again this morning on here and it read 1006 views but 1 day ago it was at 996 views.
Nothing is that good surely?
But I am certainly pleased that people are being directed here, as it puts UNUX.COM "on the map"...
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