Video Playlist for New Users with Under 5 Posts

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Video Playlist for New Users with Under 5 Posts
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Video Playlist for New Users with Under 5 Posts


I'm working on showing the video player to new users with under 5 posts which shows only videos like the ones below, which are related to the forums, how to use the forums, code tags, usercp, etc.:


or maybe something minimal and very focused:

# 2  
OK. This is done.

Users with under 5 posts will see these two videos (until I add more, or make other changes):
  • The Great History of UNIX (1969-1999) | 30 Years of UNIX History | UNIX and Linux Forums
  • How to Use Code Tags and Format Posts | The UNIX and Linux Forums

Maybe I will add the one about forum moderation?

Or maybe create another tutorial about general forum usage?

Any ideas?
# 3  
OBTW, here is what it looks like (at the bottom of the main pages) for users with less than 5 posts:

# 4  
Hi Neo,

Thanks and I like your thought process on this, I'm sure the work will pay off in saved time for the guys that moderate the forum.


# 5  
Just changed it again to only show one video, the most important one for new members:
  • How to Use Code Tags and Format Posts | The UNIX and Linux Forums
# 6  
And just updated for the following logic for showing this player:

Posts < 5


Infractions > 0


Warnings > 0

So, if a user has 100 posts and does not use code tags and a mod issues an infraction or warning, they will also see the video player Smilie
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