Update: UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7641 - Changed Live Chat to Live Updates

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Update: UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7641 - Changed Live Chat to Live Updates
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Update: UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7641 - Changed Live Chat to Live Updates

Update: UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7641 - Changed Live Chat to Live Updates

In this version of the UserCP, I have changed "Live Chat" to "Live Updates" by disabling the ability to post in the "live chat" area and changed the name to "Live Updates"

The reason for this change is that experienced forum members and moderators are not using this area to assist users, so there is no reason to permit users to post to an area they are not getting help.

You may have to clear your cache to update.

This is a "temporary" change, as I may kill the entire page in the future; but for now, it can be used to see updates, live in real time.
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... another possibility is to enhance the "Live Updates" to add more details like (just some off the top of my head examples):
  • Post Edited
  • Moderation Action Taken
  • Viewed Thread (By Members, Not Guests)
  • Tags Added to Discussion

If anyone has any other ideas about this, please post back.

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OK... so since downgrading "Live Chat" to "Live Updates", seems the next logical step is to remove (or disable) this from the UserCP completely.

So, soon I will update UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7641 2019 to UserCP Vue.js 0.8 2019 and disable the PubNub "Live Update" code from the UserCP.

For some reason, it seems to be broken and and I'm not keen to debug and fix the problem since we don't use this feature.
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"Live Updates" (was "Live Chat") has been disabled from the UserCP and the current version is:

UserCP Beta 0.7900  2019

Don't forget to clear your cache.

PS: I disabled the "Live Chat / Live Updates" feature very quickly in Vue.js with NPM, and did not fully debug on my desktop before deploying.

So, If you notice any bugs in the UserCP, please post back in this thread.

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"Server Dashboard" appears to be broken. It told me that the page was "Only available to authorised users" but I was logged in at the time.

At another time it continuously said that it was updating (1...2....3....4.....) but never displayed anything.
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# 6  

I saw that a few hours ago as well. Will look into it and let you know when I have time to debug and fix it.

Thanks again!
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Update - UserCP Beta 0.7901:

Temporally disabled the "Server Dashboard" feature. Change log for UserCP Beta details here.
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