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Similar Threads Redesign for


I have redesigned our "similar threads" for a more "clean style" in both the desktop view and the mobile view for the forum "show thread".

The new design is a simple straight-forward use of div elements and all the legacy table elements have been removed.

The result is a "clean" style which works well in both mobile and desktop.


PS: I also think this new design will help with SEO a bit as well, which has already been improving quite a lot lately as traffic from search engine referrals continue to rise steadily since May when I started making changes based on recent updates to Google's algo.

Note: Have also updated the "show posts" pages of the desktop view with the same "clean" style.
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  1. Added similar thread count and item numbers to each entry.
  2. Added "total replies" to summary text (at the end).
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  • Updated the maximum number of similar threads to show to 10 (again) from 5.

I changed this from 5 to 10 a while back, but for some reason, it got switched back to 5.
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Added some new discussion status information to each similar thread block, for example:


Another example:

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Yes, and doesn't it look good.
# 6  
Yes it does ... Smilie

Mobile and desktop !
# 7  
Hi Neo...
I rather like the layout and overall look. No quibbles at all...
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