Top Cybersecurity Threats Earth Year 2019 | You Have Been Warned!

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Old 06-23-2019
Top Cybersecurity Threats Earth Year 2019 | You Have Been Warned!

You are seeing this new video here first!

Top Five Cybersecurity Threats | Earth Year 2019 | You Have Been Warned!


Earth Year 2019


5. Disinformation and Influence Operations
4. Cyber Infomarts for Personal Data and Information
3. Targeting Algorithms & Al
2. Malicious Digital Manipulation of Videos, Images, and Audio
1. Tech Addiction and Dependance on Computers, Algorithms and Devices

You Have Been Warned by Daemon Media

Stock videos and royalty free music licensed from Motion Array and StoryBlocks
Top Five Cybersecurity Threats | Earth Year 2019 by Tim Bass
Produced by Daeman Media and
PS: That video has two small typos, but nothing serious. Heck it took nearly 1.5 hours to render even on a 12-core Mac Pro with 64GB of memory, so please forgive me. Thanks! (I will re-render later, LOL). Anyway, even with two small typos, hopefully the idea is more important than my typos. Fix a typo, render again.... repeat... render again ....
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Old 06-23-2019
Will fix the typos and render this again with a hard rock beat Smilie

Current render time estimates one hour... and that does not include the final render, that is the "pre final render" LOL

Coming soon
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Old 06-23-2019
NO! Don't use a HARD ROCK beat, your rendition of early Kraftwerk ideas is simply superb...
I have been a part time DJ and played in groups for decades from the 1960s until 2001, and ROCK MUSIC is not suitable here.

In fact this sounds much like a creation done on an AMIGA Tracker from yesteryear. <3

Just my 5 pennoth...
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Old 06-23-2019
Thanks. Wise,

I've already got a great "extreme rock" track from our Motion Array account and it works well.

Edgy Extreme Rock


I'm going to leave the original rendition up on YT and render the second in this rock track, as it gives it a . "space aliens from the future, cyberpunkish" feel, which is also good.

Do me a small favor and wait until I upload the "second version" to YT. I think you might be surprised how good it is Smilie

Note to self: Special effects (first stage rendering) still has 25 minutes to go.... LOL . Make sure to check for typos CAREFULLY before rendering!!
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Old 06-23-2019
Hi Neo...

OK, I will but expect criticism of any background music choice if I think you have chosen wrongly.
I have had serious experience in the music scene for decades and classically trained on Clarinet and Cello and self taught "rock" and pseudo-classical Guitarist.

(Addendum; there are four tracks of me and my band from 1976, (IIRC), on the WWW.)
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Old 06-23-2019
Hi Wise!

Thanks! Consider yourself a part of the audio team for our new videos!

Your feedback is much appreciated, and feel free to click and search around in the audio tracks on Motion Array and let me know if you find anything for future videos!

I love that site, really! I'm a huge fan of Motion Array now and am so happy I have an annual license to use all their content in my projects!

Stand by for the "rock version" Smilie
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Old 06-23-2019
Hey Wise!

Actually, I love the second version (this version) with the "cyber rock beat"... it has a more epic cinematic feel to it and it bring out more emotions, at least for me:


Thanks for making me feel like you loved the first version. I greatly appreciate that. I also liked the first version sans the typos, and the music was cool, but this version goes "deeper" for me and is more cinematic.

Hope you like it too.
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