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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Top Cybersecurity Threats Earth Year 2019 | You Have Been Warned!
# 8  
Pop Synthwave Modern Electro - Royalty Free Music | Motion Array

Powerful without the overbearing audio compression, (Loudness Wars: Loudness war - Wikipedia ).
Repetitive so can be low level and ignored so as to make the visuals more important.
Subtle breaks.
Minor key for sadness effect.
This User Gave Thanks to wisecracker For This Post:
# 9  
Yeah, that's a nice track.

Definitely can use that one in a future vid for sure .

Thanks Bro!
This User Gave Thanks to Neo For This Post:
# 10  
The initial impact of your original of the two was the start where the robot is typing in the _password_ and although the music was not exactly in sync was effective.

Your current one is fine enough but rock music by definition is chock full of deliberate distortion and audio compression so could be at a lower level of recording and yet not lose its impact.

Minimal Electronic - Royalty Free Music | Motion Array

Standard three chord sequence that can be totally ignored which changes to half the rate near the end as a closedown cue.
Again, repetitive and can be added at normal level without encroaching on the video it could be used on.
A super continual click simulating drumsticks tapped together.
Light hearted or happy sounding.
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# 11  
You might consider putting your considerable talents to work and make some 1080HD videos too.

It's fun!
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# 12  
Nah! My in depth hobby is creating simple unusual electronics projects that create basic measuring devices for testing electronics in general and controlled by SW.

As quoted on another thread I am working on a basic Audio Function Generator all in pure POSIX shell scripting:
Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth+, Sawtooth-, Pulse+, Pulse-, Noise and if possible Arbitrary from around 30Hz to 20KHz. It assumes that most sound systems can sample at 192000 sps maximum and 2000 sps minimum.
Obviously centred around this MBP, but includes ALSA - Linux and /dev/dsp for a limited CygWin version.
The waveforms generated will be pure ascii from character 32, (space), and character 126, (tilde).

But yes I am willing to pull out some background tracks if need be...
This User Gave Thanks to wisecracker For This Post:
# 13  
Yeah, I understand.

Video editing is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. There are videos to either create or select (or both), scripts to write, sound tracks to select and edit, special effects, motion graphics, cutting, editing, rendering, colorizing, and the list goes on and on. When the project has a lot of effects and different video footage , it can take a long time to render. Even with my 12 core 64GB mac pro, with two graphics cards, I still have to wait and wait (on some projects, not all), multitasking while it renders; and one mistake or typo, render again. I want 24 cores and 1TB of RAM and TBs of SSD storage like in the new mac pros coming out later this year!

Google' s CEO has publicly stated that their YT (video) search engine is expected to surpass the Google text search engine soon; so it is crystal clear that the trend is toward video; and that professionals and hobbyists alike are moving to video as their media of choice for presentations, explainers, tutorials, documentaries, entertainment, news and more. Experts say the younger generation(s) who grew up with YT and social media have very short attention spans so videos should be fast and furious (and interesting, etc) to hold their interest or they will just jump to the next video.

I agree with you Wise that the original intro sound track along with the cosmonaut punching in a password for the cybersecurity list video was dope; and if I was not "forced" to render again to fix my self-inflicted typos I would have left the sound track as is. I just wanted to change it for fun in the second render. I also agree with you that the heavy rock sound does have a lot of distortion and is too "loud" (compressed dynamic range) as you said, and the sound quality really suffers on small speakers like on a mobile (but it rocks on my desktop setup).

The fun part of course is expressing your hobby (hobbies) and interests creatively using video and so video is no different than writing text in a forum, as we rapidly move forward toward 2020. Video is getting easier and easier to create and specific effects are becoming easy to apply; so the entire video genre is rapidly transforming. This is one reason that Google is predicting video will dominate all search in the near future. Most young people create videos now versus writing text (which to them is like a vacuum tube amplifier, I guess, a pleasant relic of the past)

Having said that, if you want me to edit a video for you let me know. You can provide some photos, HD videos and / or screen captures of your hobby project(s) and select B-roll (stock) videos from Motion Array or StoryBlocks to add to your story and you can select the sound tracks from Motion Array as well. We can chat on the phone if you ever get to the stage where you want to share your hobby on video and it will be featured in our new video player we show to guest users at

You have a really cool hobby Wise, and it would be cool to share it in one or more videos and I'm happy to do a video editing project with you and publish your video on our Daemon Media channel, if you ever feel the urge to get into video to express and share your hobby.

For me, I wish I had jumped into video years ago, but as the cliche' goes, 'better late than never'. It's really a lot of fun when you get the hang of it; and hopefully someday my videos will be of higher quality.

Be Creative and Rock on!

This User Gave Thanks to Neo For This Post:
# 14  

Just got off the phone with my video partner expert (and critic who tells me straight based on working in the video publishing field) and he said he loved the rock theme much more than the first sound track.

He thought the rock theme was almost perfect and it was uplifting and so it helped lift up the viewer because the message was not uplifting (threats, cybersecurity); so in a nutshell... it's always like this in life .... right a paper, create a video, write a song, some people will love it, others not some much.

I remember when I published my first IEEE paper a long time ago (nearly 3 decades ago). There were 5 reviewers in a double-blind review. The first review came back and he hated my paper. "Definitely do not publish" he said. I was crushed.

My editor at IEEE said "do not think too much or fret over a single review, wait for them all".... I had no idea what was coming...

The second review came back a few weeks later ... "MUST PUBLISH... this is one of the most refreshing papers I have read in years. Must Publish!"......

At that point in my life, decades ago, I began to learn a lesson that has never been forgotten in my life; and I have learned this lesson countless times over and over the years.

In life when we do things; write papers, code, songs, videos, ... whatever we create, we will get a different opinion from everyone who reviews it. Some will hate it, some will love it, some could not "care less"; but at the end of the day, listen to each reviewer and commenter without emotion or strong feelings either way, and then we decide what to do based on our instincts, as the creator.

That IEEE paper above went on to be nominated for the IEEE Network "Paper of the Year" but it did not win. That's a long way from "DO NOT PUBLISH THIS TRASH" by one reviewer to being nominated for the "Paper of the Year" by IEEE.

In the case of this cybersecurity threats 2019 video;
  1. Wise wrote "NO ROCK background music"... which was his valid and good opinion, and I respect and appreciate it.
  2. My video partner commented "Loved the rock theme much better, it was much better than the first sound track by far. Uplifting for a serious message."
  3. A friend of mine commented the same, he loved the rock theme, he just wished I gave him more time to read each segment. (I joked with him to hit "pause", LOL)

This is life. This should be a lesson to all who read this post.

Listen to everyone's ideas and opinions, but at the "end of the day", after listening to your friends, advisors, critics and others, do what your instincts tell you, the creator, to do.

It is impossible to please everyone, so "in the end" you must please yourself.

Everyone's opinions counts and is worthy of consideration and respect; but "in the end", do what you think is best in your heart.

For me, that video is "done" and I'm going to create a new one soon, but I plan to slow down the intervals when there is a lot of text to read Smilie In the case of this video "cybersecurity threats 2019" the consensus seems to be that adding 2-3 seconds to each of the five message segments would have added only 15 seconds to the video length and it would have been a bit better; but there is no reason to re-render this one. Learn and go on to the next one.
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