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A Shout-Out to Gareth Watts and pinfinder

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? A Shout-Out to Gareth Watts and pinfinder
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A Shout-Out to Gareth Watts and pinfinder

A friend of my lost her restrictions (screen time) passcode on her iPhone. She was very reluctant to try to wipe her phone, which is the recommended solution.

Saving to backup would not have worked because restoring from the same backup would have restored the same lost passcode.

So after trying many remedies, I was able to recover her restrictions / screentime passcode today using "pinfinder" by Gareth Watts.

Worked perfectly, per his software and instructions.


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With all due respect to Gareth Watts, who is surely a good programmer:

What is a "restrictions (screen time) pass code"?? Can iPhones only be used for a certain time? Sorry for obviously asking the ignorant question, but i enter a PIN when i switch on my phone and i can do anything i want until i switch it off. As i enter the code often enough i have it memorised (like my ATM code, my master password at work and similar important things) and this cannot get "lost" at all.

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What Is the Screen Time Passcode?

The Screen Time passcode is used to secure the Content & Privacy Restrictions or to allow time extensions on App Limits. iOS 12 prompts the creation of a Screen Time passcode when you activate Screen Time on a child's device or access Content & Privacy Restrictions on any device

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