Multics Systems Programmers Manual as of 1969-04-01, comprising 996 PDF Files

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Multics Systems Programmers Manual as of 1969-04-01, comprising 996 PDF Files

While working on my current "UNIX history project" I ran across this:

Jerry Saltzer created an online scanned copy of the Multics Systems Programmers' Manual (MSPM) in this directory.

Based on the 1969-04-01 MSPM, the repo comprising 996 PDF files.

In order to help preserver the MSPM, I have copied the archive here:




In order to contribute back to this honorable Multics effort, when I get a chance I will write a PHP program to extract the document numbers and titles from each file in the PDF archive and create dynamic HTML index to compliment the PDF files.


See Also:

Multics History
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great. Thanks a lot!
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