Daemon Media YouTube Channel - Please Subscribe

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Daemon Media YouTube Channel - Please Subscribe
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Daemon Media YouTube Channel - Please Subscribe

Dear All,

I have changed the name of our YT channel to, Daemon Media.


Will have some exciting cinematic intro videos soon.

Please subscribe to this channel Now!


In the future, I plan to turn this channel into a brand channel for the site so others here can post tech-related videos.
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Awesome, I have subbed.
This User Gave Thanks to Swathe For This Post:
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Originally Posted by Swathe
Awesome, I have subbed.
Cool, thanks!

Subbed back to you too Smilie
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Check out this new intro video for the site, paid for, in part, by our generous Patreon supporters.

Thanks to our Patreon supporters for this video intro:


We need more YT subscribers for our new channel! Subscribe Now!
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We now have a small library of six 720HD and 1080HD videos for intros and outros .:


I am working on a few more for the lib and will then make my third screencast with voice-over.

Your Patreon sponsorship dollars at work. Thanks.

Our Patreons:

Also, until we get 100 subscribers (we only have 9 now), and get our own YT URL, I made this redirect for the Daemon Media channel:



Just registered daemon-media.com, so will set this up in an hour or so for a redirect to the YT channel (done)


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Thanks to our Patreon supporters listed in the post above, I used the video intros funded, in part, by their Patreon support, to create this teaser:

Cyber Dystopia Teaser (720 HD)
Daemon Media
Published on May 18, 2019
Short teaser for our upcoming Dystopian Cyberspace Series.

Latest Cyber Dystopia Teaser Version 3:


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