Climate change anyone?

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Old 05-02-2019
Climate change anyone?

Hi all together,

The US President considers this topic as not serious. Here in Germany there it's taken very serious, made a lot of words, but little action.

As far as I am reading now - written here quite clearly ... [1] N.Y. Times - loosing earth or as video with the current state of scientific data from the campgain XR here: [2] XR - Heading for Extinction, there had been roughly 40 years since the first urgent warnings widespread in the media. Forecasts had been overfullfilled. More extreme weather phenomena are rising in terms of draughts and floods and others. Nevertheless CO2 emissions had been rising for the last 40 years.

Science states the consequences of different levels of temperature rises. If the world and most countries would fulfill the goals which were agreed upon an avoidance to global scale temperature rise up to 2 degrees can be achieved. A mark where catastrophes will be mostly bearable for major areas in the world.

Since there had been done mostly nothing in the last 40 years it is unlikely that limitation of 2 degrees will be achieved. In higher levels of temperature rise additional tipping points [3] Tipping Points in the Climate System come into play in zones of temperature rise(melting of ice sheets, massive forest dieback,...) which will cause further acceleration to the situation.

What do you think about climate change?
Is it a joke/fake/not serious enough/lobby driven campaign for you?


[1] N.Y. Times: Loosing Earth
Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change - The New York Times

[2] Video: XR: Heading for Exctinction and what to do about it

[3] Tipping Points in the climate system

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Old 05-02-2019
When I grew up I used to have long and interesting conversations with the father of friend of mine who was a scientist, albeit not a strict climate scientist. He warned me that my generation and future generations would probably be faced with the enormous consequences of man-caused greenhouse gas emissions.

The discussions in the public domain are often far removed from the debate in the scientific domain, where this is settled science..
The principle of greenhouse gases and the effects of man unearthing them and throwing them as waste inside the atmosphere were already voiced at the end of the 19th century.

I have always found it a subject that was difficult to broach and until today many people seem to avoid thinking about it or pretend it isn't there, or that it will go away by itself (apart from vested interests that deliberately distort facts and information)

I always wondered why that was. I found an interesting video on this subject, in which Dan Miller cites the difference in threat indicators. He makes the following observations and uses the metaphor of the threat of a lion:

We respond to threats that are:Climate Change is:Analogy
VisibleInvisibleThe lion is there
With historical precedentUnprecedentedThe lion ate your brother last week, so now you know to watch out for lions
ImmediateDrawn OutThe lion is there, you have to act right now
Have direct personal impactsUnpredictable and Indirect ImpactsThe lion is coming after you
Simple causalityComplex causalityThe lion is going to eat you and you are going to be dead
Caused by an enemyCaused by all of usThe lion is the enemy

It also discusses some of the denial strategies:
We think of it as environmentalIt is an environmental problem, like WW II was solely an environmental problem (not)
We make it impolite to talk about itSociety sets it outside the "norms of attention"
We wait for someone else to act firstThe "passive bystander effect"

Of course it is also too big of a problem on an individual scale and it makes us feel bad, so the human reaction is to rationalize it away...

A simple and smart way to fix climate change | Dan Miller

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Old 05-06-2019
At present the polititians see environmental precautions as an investment.
And they do not see a return of investment within their scope - 4 years. "Bad deal" Smilie
Indeed the current climate change is the outcome from the last 40+ years.
It is fact. The precaution promises are fake.
With the positive exception of some scandinavian countries Smilie
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Old 05-06-2019
Judging by the curves that have been created from all the data world wide it reminds me of a forwards biased diode.

A period of little or no change within limits as EMF is applied, which then hits a knee as said limit is exceeded that heads towards meltdown rapidly as more EMF is applied, culminating into total destruction once a certain PD is reached across its two _poles_.

That looks like our planet's demise except instead of EMF/PD we are looking at Degrees Celsius/Centigrade and gaseous materials that retain heat as they absorb heat radiation. The sad fact is that those _black_body_ gases are being generated in large quantities by man by many various means.
Nature is also playing its part too so the aggregate becomes a dangerous combined quantity.

It is not looking too good for advanced lifeforms on this tiny blue pebble we live on but I suspect amoebae and bacteria will survive and start evolution all over again.
That is until this little blue pebble is absorbed by an expanding sun in around 4 Billion, (short scale), years time.
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Old 05-06-2019
Personally, I do believe we humans have an affect on the environment. Think it's all talk? Just look at the animal kingdom we've cleaned house with, all the killing and gaming has caught up with us. Buffalo's where once the norm as swines. However, I do believe that we are making progress towards a cleaner; instead of "greener" future. It may not be at the speed you want but, progress is there. Yes our current President, Donald Trump and his cabinet are naive to think that we all; the world are a not having an impact on the environment. Question, why is China investing so much in alternative energy?
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Old 05-07-2019
In a The Future of Humanity, by Micho Kaku (or it might have been one of his other novels.) Dr. Kaku presents an abundance of theory about why we do not see planets like Earth in the universe (so far) and so why it is so rare to see Earth like planets.

Dr. Kaku explains that most evolved civilizations, like Earth for example, will destroy themselves or be destroyed by external forces and never make to "the advanced planetary stages". Dr. Kaku offers a lot of very interesting theory about this and classifies planetary civilizations based on how advanced they are (energy production and control, etc). Without going into the details, Dr. Kaku does a very good job of explaining why life, as we know it here on Earth, is so rare in the universe and how difficult it is for planetary civilizations to evolve or advance out of the current "somewhat primitive" (my words, not his) state we (on Earth) are in now.

My best guess is that humans will destroy this planet like a cancer destroys an animal; and Earth will never reach an "advanced planetary state". It's only a matter of time.

Earth is a gift. However, human greed, consumerism, racism, sexism, political and religious conflict, hate, selfishness, etc. etc. are destroying the planet. It's so primitive, our world; but there is little we can do about it (sorry, but just look around you). Yes, we can recycle and try to change things, but on a global scale, the fate of Earth seem sealed. Humans are killing off animal, plant and insect species at an alarming rate. Humans are dumping waste on every corner of the planet. This planet is a huge cesspool of human waste and destruction.

I have visited over 50 countries in my short life here on Earth and worked in a number of them. I live on the seacoast now for the daily clean ocean breeze and the sounds of the surf.

It never ceases to amazing me how selfish, hateful and emotionally unstable humans are, everywhere. I have been on around 1000 scuba dives globally, and you would be amazed to see the human destruction that happens around islands (under the sea) where everywhere humans go; especially in the name of tourism and commerce. The best dive sites I have been on are the ones far away from humans as they can be (like a shipwreck far away from islands where humans visit). That is a sad commentary on what humans are doing to this Earth.

For me, I feel lucky to live in the world today, but I am quite sure future generations will live in a much more dark, dystopian world where horrible things we never imagined would be true, will be true.

Climate change is only one of myriad problems humans are responsible for on Earth. It is only one of myriad debates that keep people distracted from making the Earth a better place.

Now, the big push is for "AI", self driving Ubers, and all the other information-related technology and all the giant tech companies get rich off collecting and selling our personal data so we can be targeted, classified, and manipulated. The big rich companies do what all big rich companies do, get richer at the expense of the planet. The rise of the industrial age caused great pollution for the Earth's natural resources. The rise of the information age has and will continue to cause great pollution in the Earth's information and cyberspace(s).

It's inevitable.

Humans hunt and kill other animals for sport. Humans dump waste every where on this planet. Humans kill, injure and rape each other because of their personal "likes and dislikes" and / or "wants and needs"

Humans will destroy Earth because of human selfishness, ignorance and vast greed. There is zero doubt about it.
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Old 05-07-2019
It's hardly all that bleak though. There's still hope. Humans can adapt. Will there be a lot of suffering before that happens? Probably.
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