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PubNub Live Chat Beta Testing

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PubNub Live Chat Beta Testing

Dear All,

We are now beta testing our future "Live Chat" area using PubNub technology.


This purpose of this testing is to test the core system, in general, and to see how many, if any, bugs crawl out of the woodwork.

This "Live Chat" is not the final version, just testing live. In the future, when the kinks are working out, we may include something similar to this embedded in each thread (Ravinder's idea). Ravinder has a lot of ideas on features to add to modernize the site, so let's see how this one goes!

We are not fixed or sure on how to incorporate this kind of live chat and peer-to-peer messaging into the site; but it's good to live test the basic PubNub infrastructure we are currently using for publish-subscribe messaging.

Just have fun and enjoy.
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When I get the bugs in the PHP SDK worked out, will start adding channels from the main forums for alerts. The channel subscriptions will have easy to join and leave checkboxes, like in this mockup:

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neo over there pouring his heart and soul into this. Who knows... this might be a goldmine of knowledge decades from now.
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Times they are a chang'in - Bob Dylan

Today the server can send messages (and eventually receive) messages from user browsers thanks to some much appreciated technical support from PubNub.

Here is the first successful test message from the server, completed just now:

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OK... when a new discussion thread is created, the server now posts a message to Live Chat:


I will more than likely expand this for all post replies as well.
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