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# 8  
OK... I think "new discussion" and "replies" are now posted in Live Chat.

Later, I will put this info on a different channel than chat and add a channel selector. For now, I'll keep in all in the same channel during live testing.
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Examples of Live Chat testing and new user support today:


# 10  
OK. Cool.

Have added the logic for two very basic channel filters, (1) Live and (2) Posts.

These are not "channel selectors" per se because the channel is the same as far as our PubNub channel IDs are concerned, but the checkboxes will filter new messages when live (after the page has been initialized).

These filters will clear when the Live Chat page is initialized. This is by design while testing. In the future, I may add logic to save the check box preferences and have them load when the is initialized. But for now, I think best to test like this.

The only use case (for me) is to turn off the forum posts messages when in a busy Live Chat; but it's really not a problem (so far) but it might be when this new LC gets very busy in the future. My other possible use case would be if I was only interested monitoring forum posts updates and did not want to read the live chat messages; but I doubt I would ever filter these out as that's the part I enjoy the most so far.


UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7559
This User Gave Thanks to Neo For This Post:
# 11  
UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7562
  • Added new channel filter for "status message". (filtered by default, must be selected to see)
  • Created "new member activated" status message (currently debugging).

I may consider adding cybersecurity alerts for admins and site developers as status message, but not this week.
# 12  
UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7563
  • Further refined the "forum status" channel filter.
# 13  
UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7564
  • Fixed small bug I created in version 0.7563 working on "status" message filtering.

I was considering which status messages to send on this channel.

But now I think best I create a new channel for most all system status messages and not send or filter these in the Live Chat window.
# 14  
UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7565
  • Added storage hook to permit "status message" to be show on page initializations (default on, instead of default off).
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