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Old 04-17-2019

Many books are collections of essays (non-fiction), memoirs (biographies concerning events), or short stories (fiction) ... cheers, drl
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Old 04-17-2019
Hi Neo...

Referring to your post #5...
First of all, like many here, I know many long time, very talented unix people who are out of work and/or struggle financially. On the other hand, I don't know a single very talented Javascript or Python programmer who is struggling to find work or great a high paying job they like. Encouraging people to build on top of their great core unix or linux skills and expand into newer technology areas is nothing different than I have always done my entire life. Learn a technology and build upon that knowledge to learn more technologies and keep improving my / your skills.
As one gets older it is harder to learn new technologies.
I would dearly love to finish but "Essential Tremours" has hit me since being retired. Learning new electronics ideas is/are one thing but building related stuff is a non-starter for me now. My high quality soldering is no more so keeping up with technology and/or engineering is just that, an exercise in keeping up. Keeping up with it but unable to utilise it is frustrating and embarrassing when I have to ask a friend to build a board for me which was 'SEEMPLE SERGEI' 2-3 years ago.
As for the software side, this is a different matter. My shakes have little or no effect on my, always, dreadful typing and programming and have switched from Python to Shell scripting because of bash's and other shells flexibility. I love trying dash out and have seriously considered translating my bash version of to dash.
I started this thread some years ago:
Has Python Lost The Plot?

IMO Python is no longer for beginners, although I still code using it, but is geared now for high end professional usage.
There is a library for just about everything one could ever want to do with Python, heck I even used it in version 2.7.x guise to write the spectrum analyser section of

But that was only because an FFT/DFT was unavailable until I started this thread:
Slow FFT in ksh93 and awk.
Which led to the Fixed Point Arithmetic thread I posted on here recently for dash.
This to me is learning, as I just really love doing things with languages that they were/are not designed to do.
It does not matter to me how advanced the code is from naive to very advanced, it is that fact that these things can be done is what matters.

Not only that, it is therapy, as I hope it will combat any dementia I might incur in the not too distant future, which is likely as I am 69NB soon.

My 5 pennoth...
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Old 04-18-2019
Hey Wise,

I'm both sorry and concerned to hear your health is declining and you are having tremors. Please send me your phone number and I will call you to discuss.

Yes, it is also human nature that our brains and our bodies deteriorate as we age, and it is important to keep both active, exercising mind and body.

I notice that my mind is very keen and my stress level is very low, but that might be because of my lifestyle, which is stress free and permits me to exercise both my brain and the body, and I count my blessings and hope I can continue in good mental and physical health for decades to come.

I wish you health and happiness everyday.

Yours faithfully,

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Old 04-18-2019
Yeah, getting old sucks but it beats the alternative.
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Old 04-18-2019
Hi guys...
As far as science goes......

......Gladly ET is not life threatening and not related to killer diseases like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's; it is disabling but in my case limited.
However it is a real PITA when attempting to do relatively delicate work and sometimes eating and AFAIK it is my only ailment.
I am still fit and rarely suffer any other illness even down to the common cold.
As I said before it is embarrassing rather than totally disabling for me because I have to ask assistance for very delicate work to be done.
Essential tremor - Wikipedia
And Neo, I am not disabled in any way just this detail that annoys me...

Anyhow I digress,

I still think Python has lost the plot for the newbie, BUT, I love its forced indenting and I love seeing you guys write stuff that is noise as a one liner but easily understandable when rewritten indented.

I love Yoda's AWK style, which most of you do but to me his subtleties are so easy to read.

I actually like assembly code, and mainly written for 6502, x86(16 and 32 bit, no experience with 64 bit), Z80, 68K and some risc MPUs.
But then I love "banging the metal" to see what I can create, sadly however MMUs have made HW register(s) control and DMA difficult to impossible.

Branching Off Topic I have 2 x Raspberry Pis and 2 x Arduinos and have done little or nothing with them as they bore me silly.
Yes, they are good learning "black boxes" for kids but I don't need to learn about electronics and I/O. has the ability coded in to use one of the Arduino's for DC input measurements, BUT, it needs USB and my main aim was to use the Mic and Ear sockets only and get AC AND DC in that way. The electronics is childishly easy but the I/O method added a deliberate extra obstacle.
Perhaps a Raspberry Pi could have a Forum which could be not only Q and A but projects for all too...
Linux Format, my regular magazine has a spot dedicated to it and highly successful it is too.

I have hogged this too much...

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