New Badging System - Badges Prototype Beta 1 (Badges Only)

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# 36  
Hey Ravinder,

I just added two lines of jQuery to the code to make all "Reserved" badges less visible, so you can easily see the difference between the reserved (not yet defined) badges and the badges with logic (defined):

$( "i[title='Reserved']" ).closest('div').find('.far').css("opacity","0.3");
$( "i[title='Reserved']" ).css("opacity","0.3");

Hope this helps.

You can see where Neo has all but three badges (Thanks 2000, 3000, 4000):


RudiC has all but three badges (Formulator, Admin, Dev Ops Team)


Hopefully this is even more clear Smilie
This User Gave Thanks to Neo For This Post:
# 37  
Here is the current jQuery file for the above:

I'm about to call is "done" for Phase I unless anyone, including you, have logic changes for these first 24 out of 48 badges.

I think, now, the extra opacity for reserved badges is "good enough for now", and so no real reason to go to 35 badges or a reduced grid size.
# 38  
Just added badge number 25... The Knight .... for Threads Started:

$queryc = "SELECT COUNT(threadid) AS threadcount FROM thread WHERE postuserid='" . $uid . "'";
$resultsc = $db->query_first_slave($queryc);
if ($resultsc['threadcount'] > 500) {
    $color['faknight'] = 'black';
} elseif ($resultsc['threadcount'] > 250) {
    $color['faknight'] = 'indigo';
} elseif ($resultsc['threadcount'] > 100) {
    $color['faknight'] = 'blue';
} elseif ($resultsc['threadcount'] > 1) {
    $color['faknight'] = 'limegreen';
} else {
    $color['faknight'] = 'lightgray';


$('.fa-chess-knight').css("cursor","pointer").attr("title", badge["starterval"]+ " Discussions Started");

# 39  
Draft prototype badge 26 "Attachments Uploaded" ....

if ($userattachments['totalattachments'] > 500) {
    $color['fadownload'] = 'black';
} elseif ($userattachments['totalattachments'] > 100) {
    $color['fadownload'] = 'indigo';
} elseif ($userattachments['totalattachments'] > 10) {
    $color['fadownload'] = 'blue';
} elseif ($userattachments['totalattachments'] > 1) {
    $color['fadownload'] = 'limegreen';
} else {
    $color['fadownload'] = 'lightgray';

$badgejs .= 'badge["fadownload"] = "' . $color['fadownload'] . '";'; 
$badgejs .= 'badge["fadownloadval"] = "' . $userattachments['totalattachments'] . '";'


$('.fa-download').css("cursor","pointer").attr("title", badge["fadownloadval"]+ " Attachments Uploaded");

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