Holiday Thoughts for the End of 2018

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Holiday Thoughts for the End of 2018
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Old 12-28-2018
Holiday Thoughts for the End of 2018

Happy Holidays.

Here are my randoms thought at the end of 2018 in no particular order.

You Are Truly Blessed

IT people are lucky. We get to use our brains extensively to solve complex and challenging computer-technology related problems. This is very good for our brains. Programming, coding, administering systems, writing algorithms, looking in code for clues and bugs, or working at the terminal command-line, these activities causes your brain to work in ways which will keep you mentally healthy all of your life. IT people are blessed, so be happy when writing code or solving IT related problems. Of course, don't forget to take long walks, stay active and exercise! Smile when working on the computer, writing code or answering questions in a forum. When working and you run into a bug, enjoy hunting it down and fixing it. When you are asking a question or replying, take joy in that activity. Be happy in every moment of your life. You are truly blessed. Smile a lot.

Radiate Positive Energy

Be a light to others. Do not complain. If something is broken, fix it. If something needs to be redesigned, redesign it. If code has a bug, take joy in debugging it. Do not cling to negative thoughts, anger, frustration or sadness. Let go of all things negative. Embrace positive thoughts and actions. Choose to be happy. Choose to laugh. Choose to smile.

In a world dominated by social media and the 24 hours news cycle, don't worry about things you cannot control. Forget about race, color, politics, nationality, sexual orientation, social-economic differences, and other's religious views (especially if they are different than yours). Be a light unto yourself and then radiate that light on to the world. Do not let yourself absorb the abundant negative energy in the world. Let that energy bounce off of you and reflect positive energy into the world. Radiate. Choose to be a consumer and producer of positive energy.

Embrace Change

The only thing which is constant in our lives is change. Embrace this fact. Do not cling to the nostalgia of the past. Let go of the past. Do not worry about the future. The future is not here yet. Plan for the future, of course, but do not worry. Enjoy today. Embrace today. Be a part of the positive energy of today in an ever changing world. Embrace new skills, new technologies, new programming languages, new ideas, and new methods. Always keep the "beginner's mind" in all things that you do. Do not fall in the negative-energy trap of being "the expert" who "knows it all" or who is "smarter than the others". The more skills you have, the more you should embrace new skills and show compassion to all other living things. Embrace and be passionate about the core fabric of life, change.

Let Go

Let go of negative people, negative energy, negative situations, and negative relationships. Do not absorb the negative energy abundant in the world. Let it go. Let negative energy bounce off of you. Let go of all things which bring negative energy into your life. If you are in a bad relationship, let that relationship go. If you are in a job you do not like, let it go. If you have people around you who are negative and often complain, let them go. Do not be afraid to let go of anything which brings negative energy to you. If and when you have situations which bring negative energy to your life, let go of the negative feelings and count your blessings and stay positive. It's easy to do if you just choose to do it. Learn to let go and just be happy.

Sleep Well

Sleep is amazing. During sleep, the brain produces special brain waves which prune negative energy and reinforce positive energy. Deep sleep heals and rebuilds. Deep sleep is tremendously critical to good health. After hours of deep sleep, you should then have deep REM sleep and dream. If you are not having deep REM sleep every night then this is a clue that you need to change your life. Deep sleep and deep REM sleep are critical for our minds. All life on Earth, including plants and single celled organisms, sleep. Sleep at least eight hours a day, even more if you can. Sleep is amazing. Deep REM sleep is a gift. Never underestimate the power of sleep. Scientists have proven that lost sleep cannot be "made up". Sleep deep. Sleep well. Dream every night. Wake up fully recharged and positive.

I wish you a truly happy and save holiday season and a wonderful new year.

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Old 12-29-2018
I would LOVE to add my personal experience of 2018 which I learnt.

EMBRACE you LOVED ones at least once in a day: What I learnt in 2018 last 5 to 6 months is yes we are I.T people who have always new things to learn, new challenges in work along with normal life going but sometime(not sure how many of you felt in this way) we don't give enough time to our LOVED ones. In my case it is my MOTHER. Honestly after passing my school before joining Engg. college I hardly met her(may be 5 to 6 times in last 11 to 12 years) and got busy in I.T and friends life totally(though we talk almost every weekend on skype or by cell).

I came to know how much she LOVES me few months back when doctors found she is having some stomach problem and we were unsure at that time, she had gone through a major operation and with GOD's grace she is recovering now and should be fine in few months or so.

Daily taking care of her 3 to 4 hours(which I never thought in last 11 years or so), daily embrace her before going to work and do the same after coming from work it is AN AWESOME feeling. No matter how much I am tired after coming to home this gives me positive energy to take care of her more along with my passion to learn technical stuff and work more in I.T

So I request you ALL(even you are doing this), please take care of your LOVED ones either they stay with you or stay far from you. It is a NICE feeling and gives you boost in life too Smilie

R. Singh
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Old 12-29-2018
Yes Ravinder, that is true.

I used to work hard on the computer and when my loved ones would come up to me and hug me and want to play and make me laugh, I would gently push them away; busy working on some IT project.

Now, unless it is an emergency (which is very rare), I stop all work and try to devote 100% of my attention to love, laughter, fun and embracing my loved ones in that moment when they come to me, even when I am busy focused on coding.

I could not agree with you more and writing these kind of "loved ones" ideas was going to be the "Part 2" of my thoughts for the end of 2018, in my future "thoughts for 2019" posts, but you kindly beat me to it.

Way to Go and Thanks!
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