UserCP Main Menu Moved to UIM

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UserCP Main Menu Moved to UIM

After a lot of consideration and work .... in Beta 5 for the new "User Information Modal (UIM) I have moved most UserCP menu to the UIM.

Note to Mods: I have also moved the moderation tasks items from the legacy UserCP menu to the UIM Moderation tab.





I will be reformatting all the pages related to the UserCP links in the near future.

This is not the final redesign of the UserCP. This is an "intermediate step" redesign which removes the old legacy vB UserCP menu from the left side of the UserCP and puts all those menu items in the UIM. This makes it easier for me to reformat the UserCP pages, eventually getting rid of all the legacy <table> elements toward being fully HTML5 compliant.
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sysman_menu(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    sysman_menu(8)

sysman_menu - Graphical interface to run system management tasks SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/sysman [-ui cui | gui] [-display displayname] [-menu] /usr/sbin/sysman [-accel] <accelerator> [arguments] /usr/sbin/sysman [-menu] <name> [arguments] /usr/sbin/sysman [-menu] -list /usr/sbin/sysman [-menu] -help | -h /usr/sbin/sysman -focus hostname OPTIONS
Specifies the user interface to be invoked. The choices are: Specifies command line interface. Specifies graphical user interface. Speci- fies the display screen on where sysman_menu displays its window. If the display option is not specified, sysman_menu uses the display screen specified by your DISPLAY environment variable. The display option has the format hostname:server.number. The default is :0.0. For more information, see the X(1X) reference page. In a TruCluster environment, some management tasks effect the cluster as a whole and some are local to a specific cluster member. If a task requires focus, the "Choose a host to manage" dialog box will be displayed. To launch the task directly, bypassing this dialog box, you can specify the -focus option. Directly invokes the task with that accelerator. Any arguments are passed on to the task itself. Use sysman -list for a list of the accelerators. If the accelerator is for a branch of the menu and not an executable task, then the menu hierarchy is expanded to display the con- tents of the specified branch. Same as -accel option but the name of the task as displayed in the SysMan Menu is specified. For example, sysman -menu "Manage local users". Any arguments are passed on to the task itself. The name is for a branch of the menu and not an executable task, then the menu hierarchy is expanded to display the contents of the specified branch. Displays a list of all the tasks that can be run from the SysMan Menu and their accelerators. Displays help for the SysMan Menu. DESCRIPTION
SysMan Menu is used by the system administrator to obtain system management data and run selected system management tasks. SysMan Menu pro- vides a menu of system management tasks in a tree type display, with branches of management categories and leaves of actual tasks. Select- ing a leaf or tasks invokes a task, which displays a dialog for performing the task. SysMan Menu and its associated tasks can be run on an X Windows display, a terminal with curses capability, locally on a PC, or from a Web browser. For detailed information in running SysMan Menu from a PC or a Web browser, please use your Web browser and go to: http://your_machine_name:2301/SYSMAN/index.html. Online help is available for the SysMan Menu. To get help, select the Help button. RESTRICTIONS
You must have root privileges to perform most tasks with this application. You can grant root privileges for specific users or groups of users using the Division of Privileges (DOP) application. See the dop(8) reference page and the online help in the sysman dopconfig appli- cation for additional information. You must have the root privileges to execute some of the tasks on the SysMan Menu. EXAMPLES
The following example shows how to launch the Manage local users task from the command line using an accelerator name: sysman -accel users The following example shows how to invoke SysMan Menu in curses mode: sysman -ui cui The following example shows how to get a listing of tasks and their accelerators: sysman -list The following example, displays the status of the NFS related daemons on a remote cluster mem- ber: sysman -focus nfs_config_status SEE ALSO
Commands: sysman_station(8), sysman_cli(8), sysman_clone(8), sysman(8) System Administration http://your_machine_name:2301/SYSMAN/index.html sysman_menu(8)

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